Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Le'Nalors Round Table Topic of The Week " Lebron .. Back to Clevland " ????

Now after the shock to some Heat fans .. Here is my final take on Lebron .. Nothing last forever..I seen a guy play his heart out for over 4 years in miami..rarely missing games and gave this town 4 straight finals 2 titles and a amazing 27 game win streak .. I know he had help , but remember south florida he played 7 years in Cleveland , but his greatest achievements came in that heat the picture i put up .. Seeing the face like a little kid on Christmas day getting that gift you always wanted.. One of the greatest in his prime was with the heat.. Pippin didn't finish as a bull ..he finished as a rocket as peyton is not a colt anymore.. Times has your team not the players..just enjoy your players while their here..nothing is guaranteed Mr Lebron going home to Cleveland,but remember we really did get the best part out of the deal that Cleveland didn't get to enjoy with the best player on the planet here in south florida..the best basketball run since the Heat Fans enjoy this team .. They always seem to bounce back ..
Now Fam whats your thoughts ... Feel Free to Speak your Mind !!!