Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ride of The Day

While I was on the strip with the camera ... Buddy called me over to checkout his ride ! He also told me to make sure I get the rims .. Well bro the car is on point and you are my ride of the day !!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Club Cinema " Teflon Don "

Live in 3D " Club Cinema " Pompano Beach , Fl . Friday July 30th Located at 3251 North Federal Highway

Subject to Change

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Le'Nalors Beauty of The Month * Camille *

(CEO LE' NALORS) Tell me about yourself?

(Camille) I'm 20 yrs old. I'm in school for dental hygiene. I'm very chill and laid back but I have somewhat of an alter ego and that's mostly who you'll see in my pics. I love all the girly stuff like shopping, traveling, and hanging with my girls. Big up to my Queens! I love music. I can’t sing or rap but when the music comes on you can’t tell me different. I listen to a lot of reggae and dancehall though. I love dancing and I’m not scared to sweat either. I’m just a very fun, lovable person.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Where we're you born and what city and county your reppin?

(Camille) I was born and raised in Miami but I am of Jamaican descent so I'm reppin both.

(CEO LE' NALORS) How did you get into modeling?

(Camille) I always had a thing for taking pics but I didn't take it serious til after I had my corrective surgery for scoliosis. People always told me I'd get far but I just took it as a compliment and kept it moving. I met a photographer by the name of Milo and he offered to shoot me. Then my boyfriend encouraged me to do another myspace and he’s been promoting me ever since so I just kept it going and now here I am.

(CEO LE' NALORS) What goals would you love to achieve when it's all said and done?

(Camille) No matter how far this modeling thing may take me, I have to have a college degree which is what I'm working on now. I wanna know that if I decide to leave the modeling alone and gain a bunch of weight I still got my money coming in. I want to establish a business or two, build a dream home in Jamaica, and just make sure my parents never have to work another day.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anyone that you looked up to or admire?

(Camille) I look up to quite a few people. That includes my mom, my sisters, and a few of my friends. Together they've been so supportive and they've taught me so much about life. This may sound cliché but if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be the person I am now. I’ve learned to be humble, strong, and so much more. I could go on for days about them.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anything that you have already accomplished in your life that you would care to share with the readers?

(Camille) Besides graduating with the top 20% of my class and not having kids yet, nope. I'm still young so there's a bunch of stuff I still haven't experienced yet.

(CEO LE' NALORS) What do you enjoy about modeling?

(Camille) It's fun. I get to dress up, experiment with different styles, be creative and be me. I also meet great people along the way.

(CEO LE' NALORS) For the people who know you best, how you think they would describe you?

(Camille) Shy, goofy, nice, greedy, extremely hardworking, helpful and different

(CEO LE' NALORS) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

(Camille) My strengths are family and my bible and my weakness is food. I'm a fat girl in a slim body lol

(CEO LE' NALORS) What was the most difficult situation you had faced and how did you tackle it!?

(Camille) I've been through so much so I can’t say what my most difficult situation was but I can tell you I did a lot of writing and I prayed which allowed me to free my mind so I can think clearly and figure out what’s best for me.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Is there any advice or words of wisdom, you would like to quote?

(Camille) I recently saw this quote somewhere and it said "don’t tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big your God is" and I think that no matter where you're from or what you have everyone can benefit from that

(CEO LE"NALORS) Do you consider yourself a hard worker?

(Camille) Of course I do. Anything I invest my time in, I go hard for it.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anything that you’re working on or any ventures you’re branching off into?

(Camille) I'm looking to open a spa and a restaurant. I love being pampered and food is my life so I figured I'd share what I love most with the world. Aside from that and a college degree, that's about it.....for now at least.

(CEO LE' NALORS) *OPTIONAL* Any Way to be contacted?

(Camille) Yeah I'm on myspace and you can also follow me on twitter @camille_simone or hit me up at

(CEO LE' NALORS) Once again I would love to thank the very lovely Camille for her time for this candid interview.. And I wish her the best with all of her future ventures .. Speaking of one of her Ventures .. Camille is having a Video shoot in August and will need models and anyone who wants to showcase their Rides .. If you want more info or be a part of this event you may contact her thru the info above in her interview .. Thank you Again

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ride of The Day

This Ride Sits on 30's , Lambo doors and all Style .. It draws a crowd .. Check it out

Friday, July 9, 2010

miami bound

Miami HEAT Statement
MIAMI, July 9 – Miami HEAT President Pat Riley and HEAT guard Dwyane Wade released the following statements tonight: PAT RILEY:"We are thrilled that LeBron James and Chris Bosh have decided to come to Miami to join forces with our truly great player, Dwyane Wade. We are looking forward to the opportunity of building something that our fans in Miami will be proud of for a long, long time. The journey is just beginning.

" DWYANE WADE:"I am thrilled to welcome LeBron James to the HEAT family. I look forward to playing alongside LeBron, Chris Bosh and our teammates, and together representing the great city of Miami. There's magic in the number 3. This is the beginning of a new chapter in HEAT history and very exciting for both fans of the Miami HEAT and the NBA."
I want 2 Know what you Think all opinions count ...?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ride of the Day .. Looks like Cash

This ride has caught eyes at events .. The cash on the hood looks so real I swore it smelled like a million buck .. even the Rims has the design .. Sweet work on this one

WEBBIE at Club Boca

Saturday Webbie at Club Boca 7000 West Palmetto Park , Boca Raton , Fl.

Subject to Change