Sunday, July 11, 2010

(CEO LE"NALORS) Do you consider yourself a hard worker?

(Camille) Of course I do. Anything I invest my time in, I go hard for it.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anything that you’re working on or any ventures you’re branching off into?

(Camille) I'm looking to open a spa and a restaurant. I love being pampered and food is my life so I figured I'd share what I love most with the world. Aside from that and a college degree, that's about it.....for now at least.

(CEO LE' NALORS) *OPTIONAL* Any Way to be contacted?

(Camille) Yeah I'm on myspace and you can also follow me on twitter @camille_simone or hit me up at

(CEO LE' NALORS) Once again I would love to thank the very lovely Camille for her time for this candid interview.. And I wish her the best with all of her future ventures .. Speaking of one of her Ventures .. Camille is having a Video shoot in August and will need models and anyone who wants to showcase their Rides .. If you want more info or be a part of this event you may contact her thru the info above in her interview .. Thank you Again

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