Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Le'Nalors People on The Rise Interview " Bobble "

(CEO LE'NALORS) Tell the Readers about yourself?

(Bobble) I'm a Rap Artist/Promoter originally from Clearwater, Fl aka Wick City 727 relocated to 56ace grinding out here in the music industry doing my thang making moves feel me ! Went from a street hustle, to a junkie, to being clean almost 3 years and now with my head on straight working on taking over Florida 1 city at a time.

(CEO LE'NALORS) Where we're you born? And what city and county your reppin?

(Bobble) I was born in NJ originally , but moved down to Florida when I was 9 and was raised down here my whole life in Pinellas county 727 Tampa Bay area. I rep Clearwater all day dats where I was raised and grew up 727 Wick City till I die feel me!!! I mean I rep 813, 561, & 954 too because I stay down here now and been shown love ,but 4eva rep 727 dats why it's tatted on my arm.

(CEO LE'NALORS) How did you come up with your name Bobble?

(Bobble) ummmmm can I just give you the link to my documentary for this question? Lmfaoo naw I mean when I used to hustle the dude I hustled wit we we're playing madden for cash 1 night and I beat him and stood up and said " bobble wit me bit*h!!!!! And I did this whole dance wit it lol never said it before in my whole life , but it stuck after dat everyone started calling me Bobble and dats how it started and now it's become so much more than a name now it has become a movement. Like if you F*ck wit my movement you bobble wit me! Feel me bobble is also to my fans a way of carrying yourself meaning , if you bobble your happy, uppity , hyper , you bobble to music when you listen to it. It's become something much bigger than just a rap name.

(CEO LE'NALORS) How did you get interested in doing music?

(Bobble) Well my whole life I've always loved music and when I listen to music I jam out. If you see me in a car listening to music I jam out , I don't just sit there you know! So it's always been a passion and when I was younger I was in a rock group called Fatal Error similar to Linkin Park style of music, we never went anywhere with it besides the garage , but that first sparked my interest the adrenaline rush I got from it. Then from 2006-2009 I was doing hype manning for my buddy who was becoming a bigger artist in the 727 and in 2008 I just decided to drop a couple tracks and did a couple shows with my own music and I just have so much love for music. But my life began to fall apart so when I finally got clean and moved down to 561 . I decided to take this very serious and push and now look where I am today you know I'm a rap artist, promoter and run tours for big artist. My hands are everywhere in this industry.
(CEO LE'NALORS) Do you have anything that you have already accomplished in your life that your proud of?

(Bobble) Yes I have accomplished a lot of things my whole life , but the biggest 1's have been in the past 3 years from  2010-2013. 1st and most important I've been clean off of all drugs and alcohol since June 27th 2010 to present date and that alone has changed my life for the better. Since 2010 I have released my 1st official album " Bobble Muzik" All Trapped out on April 22nd 2011 now on May 10th I will be releasing my 2nd official album " Bobble Muzik; I Hear You Hatin" . I have also hosted a mix tape " FLA ALL-Stars " and just in Feb 2013 I released a mix tape on " Bobble Muzik; You Know My Name " so what I'm sayin is I've created a big name for myself in this industry.

(CEO LE'NALORS) Is There something you wish you could do over again?

(Bobble) Not at all because all of my mistakes in life have made me the man I am today. Sometimes I wish I made some different decisions in my past , but when I really think about it ,yeah the life I lived might have been a rough traveled road, but I like what I am today.

(CEO LE'NALORS) How would you explain your style and is there any artist that you would love to work with in the future?

(Bobble) Well if you're talking about my 1st album and my mix tapes . It's considered trap music, but if you're talking about the artist and style I'm doing today and on this album. I would say my music would be club trap music or more clubby music now. And I have my own style. A lot of people have compared me to pitbull which I love his old stuff as an artist , but I don't see the reference myself, but I'll def take that reference . My goal is to eventually work with Young Jeezy, T.I, and Linkin Park. Even though on my new album being released May 10th I do got a song with Jeezy on the hook !!!!!
(CEO LE'NALORS) Who do you enjoy working with now?

(Bobble) Dylan, Dylan, Dylan !! imfaoo naw on a real note I F*ck wit a lot of people today, I mean my partner in this rap sh*t Jcrazy !!!!! And dats who you will always see me doing music with ,but some of the other people I mess with on a regular bases are King Nyne, Blaze Hunter, Kyote , Jeff Warren , Dj Needlez , Jay Schick . Ken Kong , Rob Stunna , Frog Alley Productions , Pro Streamz , Jay Roc, Josh Moreland aka Jay Smooth , Mister ! I mean I can go on forever you know ,but those are the main guys .

(CEO LE'NALORS) Ok time to put you on the clock! Out of all your songs! Which is your favorite song to date and why?

(Bobble) Damn I can pick 1 song ,dats it? I mean I got like 80 something songs . Ummmmmm my fav gotta be a song off my new cd coming out May 10th called " Watching Me ft. Jay Roc" it's just a fun song and up tempo and the hook is fire.

(CEO LE'NALORS) For the people who knows you best. How you think they would describe you?

(Bobble) Determined, Hardworking, Focused , All or Nothing, Organized , Caring, good friend, Can't stop my movement BWM .

(CEO LE'NALORS) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

(Bobble) I'm focused on what I want and won't let anybody get in my way of getting it ,Determined. My weaknesses I can't tell you dat cuz then everybody would know lol.

(CEO LE'NALORS) What was the most difficult situation you had faced and how did you tackle it?

(Bobble) Being a drug addict man dat sh*t really did my life terrible, and I just ended up having enough of the lifestyle and decided to finally change my life! it was a very hard decision, but I got through it .

(CEO LE'NALORS) Is there any advice or words of wisdom, you like to quote?

(Bobble) " If they aint hatin than I'm not doing something right" Any publicity is good publicity " You can accomplish any goal in life as long as you got the drive and determination to do it " The only person who can stop you in life is your choices " Don't ever let some 1 tell you , can't do something "Takes Money to Make Money !!

(CEO LE'NALORS) Do you have anything that your working on or any ventures your branching off into?

(Bobble) Well as I said May 10th 2013 I will be releasing my 2nd official Album " Bobble Muzik; I HEAR YOU HATIN" and the Album release party will be at Propaganda in Lake Worth, Florida. Also August I will be bringing Field Mob on Tour down here , a 4 day tour August 15th - August 19th! We start in Miami and end in Tampa!! Am excited about that!

(CEO LE'NALORS) What things do you find yourself doing that you said you'd "never" do?

(Bobble) wow dats a hard question, I mean IDK nothing I'm doing ! I'm doing everything I've always wanted to do.

(CEO LE'NALORS) What do you believe is the key to be successful?

(Bobble) Hard work, Determination , Drive , and Invest in yourself if you truly believe in yourself!
(CEO LE'NALORS) When people look back at your life, how do you want to be remembered?

(Bobble) A good guy that put everything into what he believed in and never gave up! Some 1 who cared about the people around him!

(CEO LE'NALORS) Is there anyway to be contacted for information or anything you are working on?

(Bobble) Yep my Facebook is Chris Bobble Heinzelmann. My Facebook Fan page/supporter page is Bobble
You Tube Channel Bobblewitme

(CEO LE'NALORS) I want to thank Bobble for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this interview!! It's been a minute since I got to do one so I hope you all enjoyed it !

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Le'Nalors Hot Ride Preview " The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray / Z51 "

“Iconic.” It’s possibly the word most overused in the last decade. Randomly applied to everything from ’70s television has-beens to retail establishments, and from shoes to athletes, it’s been rendered practically meaningless. But in the case of the Corvette, the word still carries the weight of a blacksmith’s anvil.
Love it or hate it, for more than 50 years, the Vette has unapologetically stood as a universal symbol for homegrown American performance. So when Chevrolet announces it has a new one in the pipe, people get weird. Rumors of mid-mounted engines, piles of carbon fiber, and turbocharging swirl. But now that the drapes have finally sloughed off the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray—yes, the famed name returns on the base car— Check it out !!

notice in the C7’s nose is clearly evident. Both the hood and roof are constructed of carbon fiber. The profile is visceral; a stretching, sinewy form emphasized by the subdued B-pillar and a rakish backlight. There's also a rear quarter window. But the stylistic element likely to draw the most commentary is the treatment of the taillamps; although the quad-lens presentation follows Corvette tradition, the new lights' rhomboid shape and the dogleg cutout in which they reside are certain to be polarizing. For their part, Chevrolet says they wanted them “not only to say ‘Corvette, but new Corvette.’ ” A quartet of trumpet-like exhaust pipes exit from the center of the rear fascia, one of the few details made clear in the numerous spy photos  

The 2014 C7 Corvette takes more of an evolutionary philosophy—although it shares just two parts with the outgoing car—while also sprinkling in some revolutionary details. The C7’s body casts much the same shadow as did the C6’s, but the new car is peppered with more-pronounced creases, larger and more numerous vents, and an angrier front fascia and headlamp treatment. In the front three-quarter view, the tiny hint of Maranello

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Le'Nalors Ride of The Day

Back with my Ride of The Day .. couldn't pick between these guys so I took a pic of them all .. Nice rides fellas !!! So check them out Fam !!