Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - EA Sports College Football 25 to feature all 134 FBS teams

ea sports college football 25

EA Sports College Football 25 will feature all 134 FBS schools. Kirk HerbstreitChris FowlerDavid PollackJesse PalmerKevin ConnorsRece Davis and Desmond Howard have officially announced they will be voices in the game. Rich DeMarco will be the PA announcer.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024


Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion has continued her feud with Nicki Minaj by taunting the Young Money rapper after emerging victorious in their chart battle.

The Houston rapper celebrated “Hiss” topping the Billboard Hot 100by drinking Hennessy through a straw while on Instagram Live on Monday (February 5).

The move was an apparent response to Nicki’s line on “Big Foot” — which debuted at No. 23 on the chart — where she rapped: “Your flow is such a bore/ Drinkin’ a bottle of Henny through a straw.”

Megan also seemingly hit back at Nicki’s claims that she has benefitted from the backing of a major music industry “machine” in their feud, saying “Hiss” — along with her previous single “Cobra” and upcoming album — was entirely self-funded.

“When I say I went in Megan Pete’s bank account and paid for ‘Cobra’ and ‘Hiss,’ like… them two videos, my whole studio time for this album that’s about to come out, all of that shit came out of my pocket,” she said.

“This is my first time since my momma been alive that I’ve really carried the weight of paying for my whole shit. So to see how much y’all love ‘Hiss’ and ‘Cobra,’ I’m like, ‘Wow! We did that!'”

Megan Thee Stallion has continued her feud with Nicki Minaj by taunting the Young Money rapper after emerging victorious in their chart battle.

The Houston rapper celebrated “Hiss” topping the Billboard Hot 100by drinking Hennessy through a straw while on Instagram Live on Monday (February 5).

The move was an apparent response to Nicki’s line on “Big Foot” — which debuted at No. 23 on the chart — where she rapped: “Your flow is such a bore/ Drinkin’ a bottle of Henny through a straw.”

Megan also seemingly hit back at Nicki’s claims that she has benefitted from the backing of a major music industry “machine” in their feud, saying “Hiss” — along with her previous single “Cobra” and upcoming album — was entirely self-funded.

“When I say I went in Megan Pete’s bank account and paid for ‘Cobra’ and ‘Hiss,’ like… them two videos, my whole studio time for this album that’s about to come out, all of that shit came out of my pocket,” she said.

“This is my first time since my momma been alive that I’ve really carried the weight of paying for my whole shit. So to see how much y’all love ‘Hiss’ and ‘Cobra,’ I’m like, ‘Wow! We did that!'”

Nicki Minaj had claimed during an X Spaces conversation with Joe Budden last week that Megan’s management company, Roc Nation, used bots to promote “Hiss” and paid people to badmouth her online.

After “Big Foot” earned the most first-day streams on YouTube for a female rap song in 2024, she added on Instagram: “This is what happens when you think FAKE BOTS, PAID BLOGS & FAKE STUNTS will win the war in 2024. this is thinking you that bitch then running into THAT BITCH.”

The feud between the pair ignited earlier this month following the release of “Hiss,” on which Megan Thee Stallion appeared to take a shot at Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, who is a registered sex offender.

After firing off several rebuttals on social media, Nicki responded on wax with “Big Foot,” which found her mocking Megan over the death of her mother and shooting at the hands of Tory Lanez, among other things.

While Megan has yet to release another diss song, she subtly clapped back on Instagram Live by warning her one-time collaborator: “Don’t make me call Roc Nation.”

The bitter rivalry has also played out beyond social media and the studio, with Nicki’s fans being accused of doxxing the cemetery where Megan’s late mother was laid to rest.

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Travis Kelce Finally Addresses Those Taylor Swift Engagement Rumors

As Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s relationship continues to heat up, fans are hoping for wedding bells in the future.

However, as he gears up for Super Bowl XVIII, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end somewhat addressed engagement rumors during a press conference on Monday (Feb. 5). “I’m focused on getting this ring,” he said, in reference to a Super Bowl championship ring. “That’s all my mind is focused on right now.” 

Kelce did take a moment to gush over Swift’s history-making night at the Grammy Awards this week, in which she became the first artist to win album of the year four times. “She’s unbelievable,” he said. “She’s re-writing the history books herself, and I told her I’d have to hold up my end of the bargain and come home with some hardware too.”

Sunday, February 4, 2024

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Chiefs vs. 49ers: 2024 Super Bowl


The defending-champion Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers punched their tickets to the big game in Las Vegas as each team hopes to hoist the Lombardi Trophy and celebrate as it rains confetti at Super Bowl LVIII.

Who you Got ?!!! 

Sunday, January 28, 2024


 Twista has celebrated yet another milestone, as his classic “Slow Jamz” track has finally achieved the platinum certification it has long deserved.

Coming just a few days after celebrating its 20th anniversary, “Slow Jamz” was officially certified platinum by the RIAA on Thursday (January 25). On the same day, both the “Overnight Celebrity” single and the Kamikaze album were also certified double platinum. The album previously earned a platinum certification all the way back in 2004.

Originally released on November 10, 2003, “Slow Jamz” featured Kanye West and Jamie Foxx and eventually climbed to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, making it the first No. 1 track for Twista, Foxx, and West. It also received a Grammy nomination in 2005 for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration, but it lost to “Numb/Encore” by Linkin Park feat. JAY-Z.

Friday, January 12, 2024

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Thursday, December 28, 2023

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Jason Momoa Calls Lobo the ‘Perfect’ DC Role

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has once again declared his love for the DC antihero Lobo, calling it “the perfect role.” Momoa heaped praise on Lobo during a recent conversation with Fandango, during which he promoted what’s likely to be his final outing as the DC superhero Aquaman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, adding fuel to the idea that he will return to the world of DC as Lobo in James Gunn’s DCU.

"So, Lobo… I used to collect comics and I don't do so much anymore, but he was always my favorite. And I've always wanted to play Lobo because I'm like, 'Hello?.’ It's pretty perfect. It's the perfect role. I mean, listen, if they call me and ask me to play it? It's a f*** yeah. But, I mean, that's a guarantee. So, you don't have to worry about that. But, I haven't received that call. So, I don't want to put any fake news out there but if they ever call me and ask me to play, or ask me to audition, I'm there."

Rumors and speculation that Momoa will leave the crown of Aquaman behind in favor of intergalactic bounty hunting as Lobo have been circulating for some time. The action star is certainly not shy about this love for the character, with some reports even claiming that Momoa is already locked in and that the casting change will be announced once Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been released.

James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU will begin in 2025 with Superman: Legacy. The reboot is all set to introduce several other recognizable DC characters, with some even suggesting that Momoa’s Lobo could play a part. 

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Kevin Hart Sues Tasha K For Extortion Over Interview With Ex-Assistant

Kevin Hart holding a lightbulb

According to new legal documents obtained by The Blast, Kevin Hart has decided to take legal action against Tasha K. He recently filed a lawsuit against the gossip blogger, accusing her of extorting him for $250K. Allegedly, a representative of Tasha K contacted Hart's team in November of this year, claiming to have a damning interview with an ex-assistant of his at the ready. He accuses her of threatening to unleash it should he not provide her with the money.

Tasha K was eventually hit with a cease-and-desist letter stating that she had no right to discuss Hart's story. He further noted that he wouldn't be paying her. Tasha K later shared a snippet of the aforementioned interview on her blog's Instagram page. Hart's team perceived this as a threat; suggesting that if she wasn't paid, she'd release the full interview.

“You have already engaged in criminal conduct and tortious acts that would entitle Mr. Hart to monetary damages against you should he elect to commence civil litigation regarding this matter,” Hart's suit reads. “To the extent that you do not cease and desist now, your liability for such monetary damages will increase, as will your exposure to criminal penalties.” Hart also argues that his ex-assistant, Melissa Shake, would be in hot water if the interview was released. According to him, she signed an NDA when she was employed by Hart.

In the interview, Shake makes various bombshell revelations about the beloved comedian, including that he's allegedly a serial cheater. She accuses him of getting a steward on his private jet pregnant, fornicating with an Instagram model behind his wife's back, and more. Shake also alleges that Hart struggles with a gambling addiction and that "poker is his game." She claims that it once got out of hand, and he was allegedly unable to properly pay his employees.

Gran C

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Russell Wilson Reportedly Expects To Be Cut In The Offseason

Las Vegas Raiders’ Tyler Hall sacks Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, Nov. 20, 2022 in Denver. (Jack Dempsey / The Associated Press)

 Russell Wilson reportedly expects to be a free agent in the 2024 offseason following his benching by the Broncos. According to reports from Bleacher Report and ESPN, Wilson fully expects to be cut because he refused to defer his injury guarantee to 2025. Wilson's weighty contract includes an injury protection clause if he is unable to pass a physical in March 2024. However, Wilson was reportedly asked to defer that guarantee to 2025 and refused. According to Dianna Russini of ESPN, the threat of benching was leveled at Wilson earlier in the season because of this. At the time of writing, Jarrett Stidham will start the last two games of the Broncos' season.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - T.D. Jakes Diddy Rumours Are "Unequivocally False And Baseless,"

T.D. Jakes

Since Cassie ripped off the band-aid on Sean Combs' troubling past with her sexual assault and human trafficking lawsuit in the fall, things for the New Yorker have grown increasingly messy. He quickly settled the case with his ex, but any legal action taken since then is being written off by Diddy and his legal team. Try as he might to protect his name, 50 Cent continues to troll the "I'll Be Missing You Artist," and is even promising to donate proceeds from his R. Kelly-inspired documentary about Diddy to survivors of assault.
As the year comes to a close, Bishop T.D. Jakes' name is surprisingly being linked to the former Revolt board member. A viral TikTok video describes the 66-year-old as a "power bottom" who attended Diddy sex parties with other men. Ahead of the weekend, Lil Duval jumped on Twitter to express doubt in the gossip, and according to The Jasmine Brand, the preacher's team is also issuing a statement on his behalf to clear up any confusion and hate. "Recent claims circulating on pockets of social media about Bishop T.D. Jakes are unequivocally false and baseless," it begins.

"What has always been true, in the words of the late Pastor Charles H. Spurgeon, 'If you want the truth to go round the world you must hire an express train to pull it; but if you want a lie to go round the world it will fly; it is as light as a feather, and a breath will carry it,'" Jakes' director of PR and communications, Jordan A. Hora, told the press. "[It's] disheartening to witness the proliferation of numerous deepfake photos and the distortion of words through false, sensationalized misrepresentations, encapsulating purported statements to falsely speculate and attack others, including Bishop Jakes."

As T.D. Jakes joins Diddy in the fight to clear his name, the Bad Boy mogul seems less concerned about addressing the unflattering allegations rising against him, and more interested in spinning the block with a past lover. Earlier this month, social media sleuths noticed he's now following Gina Huynh on Instagram again after the socialite reportedly blocked him following her public spat with Yung Miami. 



Lizzo‘s attorneys have petitioned the courts to seal documents related to the ongoing sexual harassment suit against her, claiming that failure to do so could result in a detriment to her business.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, the petition to seal the documents was filed on Thursday (December 21), stating that the “Good As Hell” singer worries that “documents, correspondence and testimony that contain sensitive, confidential information and/or proprietary business information, including employee compensation, contract negotiation, and third-party sensitive contact information” could be subjected to public scrutiny.

“These records, including portions of Declarations in support of the Motion and attached exhibits, should be ordered sealed to avoid any harm to the parties through their public disclosure,” Lizzo’s lawyers wrote in their petition, according to the outlet.

The judge has not yet ruled on the petition, as of this writing.

This is just the latest turn of events in the ongoing saga between Lizzo and her backup dancers.

Last month, lawyers representing Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez filed an opposition filing, saying that anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) statutes don’t protect Lizzo from facing legal repercussions for their allegations.

They wrote in the 19-page filing: “Can a global celebrity be forever insulated from civil liability because all their conduct is protected as free speech under the anti-SLAPP statute? Defendant Lizzo asks this Court to rule in exactly that fashion. Fortunately for all victims of celebrity malfeasance, the law says otherwise.”

They added: “In an apparent effort to dupe this Court, Defendants either cherry-pick allegations or outright omit allegations inconvenient to their position, instead sanitizing them with euphemisms.”

Lizzo’s representatives responded to the allegations in a statement to Rolling Stone, reminding  them that many of her other employees backed her with statements of their own recently.

“Last month, 18 independent witnesses stood by Lizzo’s work ethic and character,” Stefan Friedman said. “It is clear that since then, these plaintiff lawyers have come up with exactly zero to refute these facts.”

As previously reported, Lizzo’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case in a Los Angeles court on October 27.

In the filing, the three women suing were described as having “an axe to grind” who had shown “a pattern of gross misconduct and failure to perform their job up to par.”

“Plaintiffs embarked on a press tour, vilifying defendants and pushing their fabricated sob story in the courts and the media,” it reads. “That ends today.

“Instead of taking any accountability for their actions, plaintiffs filed this lawsuit against defendants out of spite and in pursuit of media attention, public sympathy, and a quick payday with minimal effort.”

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Dwight Howard Admits To Kissing Man, Denies Orchestrating Forced Threesome

Dwight Howard is asking a court to dismiss the lawsuit of a man who claims that the former NBA star sexually assaulted him and attempted to rope the individual into an unsanctioned sexual act. Stephen Harper, the man who filed the lawsuit, says he met Dwight Howard via social media over two years ago.

Radar Online obtained the court records connected to the lawsuit in which Stephen Harper says that he met Dwight Howard and began having online conversations back in May of 2021. After reaching out on Instagram via a direct message, the pair exchanged phone texts with Howard reportedly stating that he was into a number of sexual acts and asked Harper to send him photos.

Howard responded in the case admitting to exchanging texts with Harper for a brief period in the summer of 2021, which included nude photos and videos. Howard also added that Harper came to his home on July 19, 2021, and entered his bedroom. Both of them disrobed and engaged in “consensual kissing.”

At this point, Harper claims that Howard invited another man to the bedroom reportedly dressed as a woman going by the name Kitty. Harper says that Howard attempted to get the pair to engage in a threesome, something Harper did not agree to. Kitty began to perform a sexual act on Howard with Harper expressing he wasn’t comfortable with the setup.

Harper then claims that Howard began touching his thigh and feeling him through his underwear, allegedly saying he “was going to do whatever” to Harper and shot down any resistance.

From Radar Online:

“Defendant stood up (towering over Mr. Harper), grabbed Mr. Harper by the thighs, forcibly removed Mr. Harper’s underwear, held Mr. Harper down, and performed nonconsensual oral sex on Mr. Harper,” the suit read. “Mr. Harper was in fear of imminent bodily harm when he was pinned down and forced to remain in place while Defendant continued to sexually assault him.”

While Howard admitted that Kitty was in the room, he claimed that all three were aware that a threesome would be taking place.

Dwight Howard is facing charges of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment in the lawsuit.


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - NBA Under DOJ Investigation For Supposed Anticompetitive Behavior Against Ice Cube’s Big3 League

 Just hours before the 2023-2024 NBA season tips off, we have some breaking news that is quite surprising. It has nothing to do with any of the players. Instead, it is about the NBA as an organization and its brand image. According to multiple reports, including TMZ Sports, the league has been under an ongoing investigation by the United States Department of Justice. The reason is that Ice Cube's Big3 league feels there are anticompetitive behaviors in practice from its longstanding counterpart.

The Big3's aura comes from former NBA players going against each other. It has been in place since 2017 and it is a great league in general. However, they feel the NBA has been working to essentially slowly eliminate them in numerous ways. Namely, they are allegedly "preventing sponsors and other potential partners from doing business."

In fact, Big3 claims that players have shown interest in playing in it, but they have been denied access. The same goes for referees and owners. They apparently cannot have any sort of hand in helping them out. Owners are in question and if the DOJ finds any evidence, hefty fines could come down. NBA spokesman Mike Bass was says they have been supportive of the Big3. All of this began back in the first of the year and it could extend into 2024 as well.

Monday, October 23, 2023

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Keanu Reeves received bass guitar lessons from Flea

Keanu Reeves once received a bass guitar lesson from Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea.

The 59-year-old actor - who plays bass in the grunge band Dogstar - revealed he asked the musician for advice when they met on a movie set.

Speaking on Fender's YouTube channel, Keanu said: "I remember one time I was doing a film, and Flea was in it, or I was in a film with Flea. And I remember there was a house, and there [were] amps and instruments and stuff like that.

"And I was like, ‘Hey, Flea, can you give me a lesson?’ And he was like, ‘Sure, man!’ And he [did a complex bass solo]. And I was like, ‘Alright, so?’ And he was like, ‘Just feel it, man. Just play.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.’”

Keanu and Flea both appeared in the 1981 movie 'My Own Private Idaho', directed by Gus Van Sant.

Speaking about how he became a bassist, Keanu said, “I think I’m a wild animal playing with a piece of wood. I didn’t learn a lot of songs. I didn’t listen to a song and try and figure it out. Kids: I regret that. If you’re picking up an instrument, it’s cool to figure out what people have done before, but I wasn’t doing that. So I would just play. So I had no theory.

"I was asked what was my first bass. I’ve been trying to remember, but I think it was like 1986. I went to the Hollywood Guitar Center with the daydream of getting a bass guitar.”

“I ended up… I don’t recall, but there was a guy there who was selling a bass. He was with a friend. Not at the store, it was like a parking lot sale. I had, like, a bass drug deal.”


The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Dame Dash “Broke” But “Proud,” Roc-A-Fella Co-Founder Says


Figures like Benzino and Dame Dash were at the top of their game decades ago, but as time has passed, so have the ways of the music industry. Now, the landscape looks completely different, and the men responsible for running The Source and Roc-a-Fellahave unfortunately fallen on hard financial times. Both have been open about their struggles in the past, with Dash recently speaking his truth on an episode of The CEO Show. During his interview, the 52-year-old confirmed that he's been watching his bank account balance dwindle for years, despite all that he previously accomplished as an executive and entrepreneur.

"I’ve had to start [a] new company from scratch, without any money to start it with," the guest told host Dr. Taje Moreno. "I had to do it [by] rubbing two sticks together. So I can’t pay out three or four hundred thousand a year in child support, ‘cause I ain’t making that. But I’m not ashamed of that because I have things to show for it, but it hasn’t profited yet," he confidently continued.

In addition to that, the New Yorker clarified that the ownership stake in his ex-wife Rachel Roy's fashion line was taken into consideration when the payments were determined. She presently controls that equity, which Dash believes should supplement Roy for the missing child support. "You can’t be mad at me and make me feel bad if the money that I had to give the kids, you got, and you still expecting me to pay that while I’m investing and losing money for years," the father of three vented.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Angela Simmons Ordered To Pay $48K In Back Rent And Other Housing Costs

Angela Simmons 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Star Poses In New Photos
Angela Simmons has been ordered to pay her former landlord $48,000 in back rent, bills, and other housing costs. The massive fee stems from an apartment in New Jersey that Simmons rented in October 2019. About a year later, her landlord began submitting complaints about insufficient payments from the reality star and fashion designer. Simmons did not respond to the charges, leading to a judge handing down a default ruling of $48,000.

Furthermore, TMZ noted that following the ruling, there has been a significant increase in the amount of promotional for her cake business on her social media. Simmons' representatives are yet to release a statement about the ruling and it's unclear what will happen if Simmons fails to pay up.

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Bad Bunny Tops “Billboard” Album Chart

 bad bunny

Bad Bunny has claimed his third #1 album as Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana is set to top the Billboard Album 200 next week. Not only is it Benito's third #1 album, it is also his third consecutive #1 album. It continues the trend set by El Último Tour Del Mundoand Un Verano Sin Ti. This will be Benito's 15th week at the top of the chart.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The Le'Nalors Ride of The Day - Cars & Coffee West Palm Beach 2023

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The Le'Nalors News of The Week - NFLPA Calls For Ban On Artificial Surfaces In All Stadiums After Aaron Rodgers Injury

 A bar in Milwaukee offered free drinks to its patrons if the Jets lost an Aaron Rodgers start.

The NFLPA has urged the league to impose a ban on artificial turf at NFL stadiums. This comes after the season-ending injury suffered by Aaron Rodgers during Monday Night Football. Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon on just the fourth play of his Jets debut during a rain-soaked game at MetLife Stadium. MetLife installed a new field surface earlier this year. However, Rodgers' injury is being blamed on the way that artificial surfaces react to wet conditions. The sentiment has been echoed by many players around the league.

"Moving all stadium fields to high quality natural grass surfaces is the easiest decision the NFL can make. The players overwhelmingly prefer it and the data is clear that grass is simply safer than artificial turf. It is an issue that has been near the top of the players' list during my team visits and one I have raised with the NFL," NFLPA executive director Lloyd Howell said. The call for change comes after an NFLPA report released earlier this year showed that non-contact injuries occur at a higher rate on artificial surfaces.

As for the Jets themselves, the path forward is unclear now that Rodgers is done for the season. Zach Wilson was largely bailed out by sloppy play from the Bills and the Jets' great defense. While Wilson remains the starter for now, it's far from an ideal solution. However, the bigger problem for the Jets is that the QB market is all but dead right now. No one will trade a viable starter in week two. Furthermore, most of the people still available are free agents for a reason.

Despite this, it hasn't stopped a wave of speculation from occurring. This is especially as the Jets will likely sign a third QB to the roster. Wilson's former backup Joe Flacco is one widely spread name, as is journeyman Carson Wentz. Meanwhile, more outside-the-box theories such as Tom Brady and Colin Kaepernick have also been floated. However, it's likely going to be a bad time for the next few weeks. Next on the schedule for the Jets are the Cowboys. Dallas comes off a 40-0 win against the Giants in week one.