Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Joe Budden Reveals Drake Abruptly Ghosted Him Following Kendrick Lamar Feud


Joe Budden says that Drake, who he'd been in contact with for the last several months, ghosted him following the conclusion of his beef with Kendrick Lamar. Budden voiced his frustration with the move during the latest episode of his podcast over the weekend. “You know the funniest thing about this?” Budden previously said while speaking with DJ Akademiks. “I’ve been talking to this n***a throughout the whole beef."

On the new episode, he remarked: "That n***a ain’t speak to me since that battle ended. He ain’t hit me at all since that battle ended and I don’t like it. I don’t like that. You should keep the same energy.” When a fan shared the two clips on X (formerly Twitter), fans complained about the focus on Drake. "Day 19 of talking about Drake the majority of the show," one user wrote. Another asked: "Yo why are him and Elliot so obsessed lol?"

The feud has been a dominant topic in hip-hop in recent months. Budden previously picked Lamar as the winner of the beef during a separate episode of his show. “I think [Kendrick] won this off skill. He was much better than Drake the whole way,” he said. “If I’m battling you, I need to have my options ready for all the variables; Drake didn’t. And if you feel that way, then when I was telling you to stop saying that I’m outside looking for the n***a that saying he been outside. All that sh*t he was feeding to [Akademiks], talking about, ‘Oh, it’s been 10 years.’ Nah, nah, nah — you follow it through. Don’t sound like a n***a that’s trying to fight a losing battle!”

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