Saturday, March 27, 2010



The INDIVIDUALS CAR CLUB was started in 1976 in the streets of Los Angeles, California. by a CHARLES CLAYTON & CUDA. CHARLES CLAYTON along with many others...Cuda was the first president who ran the club about 10 years. Charles Clayton is the second president and is the active president today. alittle club history CUDA came up with the name INDIVIDUALS CAR CLUB,the defintion behind the name is simple. Exspressing your own personality to be an individual but as a group they are individuals. so they became the INDIVIDUALS CAR CLUB! First there was 1 chapter now there near 35 chapters across the united states canada and japan...!! In conclusion I had to show some love to Cali ... Their doing there thang as well !!

Customer Appreciation Day

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


(CEO LE' NALORS) Tell me about yourself ?
(Miss Nique) Hi my names is Miss Nique I 'm 22 years of age. I currently reside and was born in sunny Miami,Florida.My ethnic background is Afro Cuban. I have no kids and dont plan too have any in the near future. I am an very creative artistic individual.With every photoshoot I do I try too be different and weird and crazy at the same time. I feel the same thing is always be done so its up too me be a trendsetter..
(CEO LE' NALORS) Where we're you born ? and what city and county your reppin ?(Miss Nique) I was born In Miami,Florida and I'm repping dade county acourse.
(CEO LE' NALORS) How did you get into modeling ?(Miss Nique) Well funny story and male approached me when I was 19 too get aquainted with him on and personal level but that didnt happen. But he was and photographer and he started taking pics of me because he believed I had an unusual look. I started getting more comfortable infront of the cam and became more serious about modeling for the year 2010.
(CEO LE' NALORS) What goals would you love to acheive when it's all said and done? (Miss Nique) When its all said an done I want too be finacially sucessful from my endeavours and an household name.
(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anyone that you looked uped to or admire ?(Miss Nique) I admire anyone who managed too get through and hard life or situation and climb too the top.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anything that you have already acomplished in your life that you would care to share with the readers ?(Miss Nique) I' ve been featured in, featured on, as well as, article link ,
(CEO LE' NALORS) What do you enjoy about modeling?(Miss Nique) I enjoy the other side I see when I get in front of the cam its like another person.
(CEO LE' NALORS) For the people who knows you best, how you think they would describe you ?(Miss Nique) They would say am weird, maybe even odd and sarcastic and flirty.
(CEO LE' NALORS) What are your stregnths and weeknesses?(Miss Nique) My strength is my ambition and drive. My weakness is perhaps my heart because I care so easily about others and what they think and feel.
(CEO LE' NALORS) What was the most difficult situation you had faced and how did you tackle it !?(Miss Nique) I would have too say losing the most important men in my life (my papi and grandfather) really pushed me too the brink but I came too an place in my life and realized that their in and better place. But the memories keep me going and on my toes and thriving do better.
(CEO LE' NALORS) Is there any advice or words of wisdom , you would like to quote ?(Miss Nique) "DARE TOO BE DIFFERENT"

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anything that your working on or any ventures your branching off into ?(Miss Nique) Well if the good god is willing I will be launching my site this year before the summer is out and also working on and urban tshirt apparel (CNOTE INK).
(CEO LE' NALORS) Any Way to be contacted ?(Miss Nique) For paid gigs or perhaps networking
(CEO LE' NALORS) I would really like to Thank Miss Nique for taking the time for this Interview and I wish her much success in all her future endeavours !!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ride of The Day

This Corvette was also at a car show I attended a few weeks back ... If you look good at the Inner hood of this ride .. This owner is a big Storm fan from the X-Men .. Check it out !

Plies Plenty Money Car Show Part 2

Easter Sunday April 4TH , 2010 and your Host TRICK DADDY and music by Special Guest Dj.Located at Club Cinema 3215 North Federal Highway Pompano Beach, FL. 33064 !!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Cotton Candy Car Show ... Delray Beach Fl.

The first annual cotton candy car show ,The biggest
car show to ever hit Delray Beach , Fl.
March 20th from 1pm - 7pm
located at 630 N.E 5th Avenue Delray Beach Fl. 33483 !!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ride of The Day

Keeping with The Classic car Vibe .. This brought a crowd around it and to be honest it's sleek and very sharp in style !!

Classic Cars Respected as well !!

Last Saturday I checked out A classic car show in Pompano Beach Fl .. I Found some beauties and I hope The classic car lovers will enjoy these as well !!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CALLE OCHO 2010 !!!


Miami's Calle Ocho Festival is known as the largest street festival on earth. Every year, more than one million visitors from around the world attend the Calle Ocho Festival, the grand finale of Carnaval Miami. For one exciting day, the Calle Ocho Festival fills 23 blocks in Miami’s Little Havana area with Latin music, street performers and international foods.
Calle Ocho Festival DateMarch 14, 2010
Calle Ocho Festival S.W. 8th StreetMiami, FL (305) 644-8888

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ride of The Day ... AKA The GODFATHER !!

West Palm Need To Stand up , Because this where this ride come from ... If your a big fan of eastcoast ryders back in the day or hit up major car shows ... You have seen this ride known as The GODFATHER !!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Urgent Message From Le'Nalors

I wanted to Thank everyone for the luv showed to the site so far in it's early stages... But this is only the begining ..I will hit you even harder with much , much , much more rides, News , And I have been working on some major Interviews coming soon !! But If you would like to show off your ride as well and showcase what you ride email a pic, name and where you repin and I will love to showcase you !! Hit up Thanks again , And now back to our regular schedule program !!