Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ride of The Day

This Corvette was also at a car show I attended a few weeks back ... If you look good at the Inner hood of this ride .. This owner is a big Storm fan from the X-Men .. Check it out !


  1. 305 Miami Dade

    The baddest Corvette by far!

  2. Dat Vette iz tight 2 death.

  3. 317 Indianapolis

    What? I luv this vette, Yo my 4th time looking @ this beauty. 2 the owner of this vette without a doubt you have the tightest vette I ever seee.

  4. Sunrise 954
    Tribute 2 Lauderdale video wuz awesome. Back in the days when life wuz good. Now I am grown, working a crappy 9 to 5 job. LMAO I Think I am going 2 watch the video 1 more time just to make it threw the day.

  5. Augusta, GA
    Onetime!!!!!! 4 dat Jam Pony Express video, I used 2 live in Ft. Lauderdale back in da days, Wow! dis video brought back memories of box chevys, Sunrise Blvd, Thunderbird Drive-In.

    Da Vette iz sick!

  6. Harrington, Delaware 302

    Wow! beautiful Corvette, I'm a huge fan of corvettes & this one right here is just simply amazing.

  7. REPPIN' 225 Baton Rouge

    1 word 2 describe dat vette SICKKKKK!

  8. 803 Newberry,South Carolina
    The Corvette is back.

  9. 310 Los Angeles

    NICE....YEEAAAAAAAAAUUUUUH! Feelin this vette.

    I have seen this corvette a couple of times @ some cars shows in Broward County. I love this corvette,haven't seen 1 yet that can compare to this one.

  11. 407 Apopka Florida
    Boi tha Tribute 2 Lauderdale took me back to my youth remember rag tops ,curtains in da back windows truz & vogues ,hammer rims and 5 stars.

  12. 305 PERRINE
    @ 407 Apopka Fl

    Not da curtains in da back windows now u really took it back. Crush velvet tops I remember all dat shyt. Those was da days.

  13. 772 Ft. Pierce
    Oh! snaps not the Jam Pony da red & back. Wow I remember them.

  14. 901 Memphis
    Tightest hood art work i have seen in a while
    the storm in the hood "what" crazy.

    @Ft. Pierce i am from Tenny and I know all about Jam Pony. Legends period. They was ahead of their tyme.