Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Tommie Lee Hit With Battery Charge Following Miami Nightclub Arrest

Reality TV stars can be notoriously troublesome. In many cases that's because the most evocative and attention grabbing figures are the ones selected to star on reality shows in the first place. That's probably the case with Tommie Lee. who first broke through as one of the stars of Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Though she appeared on the show earlier in its run, Lee is remembered as the breakout star of the show's 5th season. But both before and after her involvement with the program she's had extensive trouble with the law.
The most recent happened over the weekend when she was arrested outside Miami nightclub LIV. Following the arrest she was charged with battery and taken to a nearby correctional center. Reports claim that Lee attempted to hand someone an unidentified item outside the nightclub and then became hostile when her offer wasn't accepted. The victim claims she threatened she “would have him killed and shot up.” After which she allegedly made physical contact with them and was then restrained until police arrived.

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