Sunday, April 28, 2013

(CEO LE'NALORS) Is there any advice or words of wisdom, you like to quote?

(Bobble) " If they aint hatin than I'm not doing something right" Any publicity is good publicity " You can accomplish any goal in life as long as you got the drive and determination to do it " The only person who can stop you in life is your choices " Don't ever let some 1 tell you , can't do something "Takes Money to Make Money !!

(CEO LE'NALORS) Do you have anything that your working on or any ventures your branching off into?

(Bobble) Well as I said May 10th 2013 I will be releasing my 2nd official Album " Bobble Muzik; I HEAR YOU HATIN" and the Album release party will be at Propaganda in Lake Worth, Florida. Also August I will be bringing Field Mob on Tour down here , a 4 day tour August 15th - August 19th! We start in Miami and end in Tampa!! Am excited about that!

(CEO LE'NALORS) What things do you find yourself doing that you said you'd "never" do?

(Bobble) wow dats a hard question, I mean IDK nothing I'm doing ! I'm doing everything I've always wanted to do.

(CEO LE'NALORS) What do you believe is the key to be successful?

(Bobble) Hard work, Determination , Drive , and Invest in yourself if you truly believe in yourself!

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