Sunday, April 28, 2013

(CEO LE'NALORS) Do you have anything that you have already accomplished in your life that your proud of?

(Bobble) Yes I have accomplished a lot of things my whole life , but the biggest 1's have been in the past 3 years from  2010-2013. 1st and most important I've been clean off of all drugs and alcohol since June 27th 2010 to present date and that alone has changed my life for the better. Since 2010 I have released my 1st official album " Bobble Muzik" All Trapped out on April 22nd 2011 now on May 10th I will be releasing my 2nd official album " Bobble Muzik; I Hear You Hatin" . I have also hosted a mix tape " FLA ALL-Stars " and just in Feb 2013 I released a mix tape on " Bobble Muzik; You Know My Name " so what I'm sayin is I've created a big name for myself in this industry.

(CEO LE'NALORS) Is There something you wish you could do over again?

(Bobble) Not at all because all of my mistakes in life have made me the man I am today. Sometimes I wish I made some different decisions in my past , but when I really think about it ,yeah the life I lived might have been a rough traveled road, but I like what I am today.

(CEO LE'NALORS) How would you explain your style and is there any artist that you would love to work with in the future?

(Bobble) Well if you're talking about my 1st album and my mix tapes . It's considered trap music, but if you're talking about the artist and style I'm doing today and on this album. I would say my music would be club trap music or more clubby music now. And I have my own style. A lot of people have compared me to pitbull which I love his old stuff as an artist , but I don't see the reference myself, but I'll def take that reference . My goal is to eventually work with Young Jeezy, T.I, and Linkin Park. Even though on my new album being released May 10th I do got a song with Jeezy on the hook !!!!!

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