Now Introducing , the man they called " Amazing B " This brother has 24" rims on everything .. I usaully give background on Drivers of the week , But Not 1 , Not 2 , But All 3 of his Rides speak for themselves !! He is repin Delray Beach, FL the 561 Palm Beach County !!

Lil Bo of Frog Alley

FROG ALLEY PRODUCTIONS BIO When" Frog Alley Produtions Started around 1997 with Dj-ing, house party and block party & more. Marlin & tom of (Hard Hat Productions) was one the hottest in palm beach at the time. " Frog Alley Productions is a company that Produces music! The music that is produce is a original sound of Rap, Hip hop, and R&B. They are not a Record label (one day) but They manage local artists were they need to be. The main Focus is BEATS say no more. Who" The Founders of Frog Alley Productions are Marlin (marlo) Randall (lil-bo) 2 brothers Why " They started doing the music because They love it. This music started as a Hobby then it became a business. Marlin love to Dj, Mic check, and make Beats. lil bo likes 2 make Beats and Record some times jump on the mic. Where" Delray Beach on Frog Alley 6th Ave. thats where it is to this day.


(P.E.D) Um, I am a hip hop artist from the S. FL area born raised by strong black women to include my mother, grandmother and three aunts. Grew up being really into sports, and always thought I would end up doing something with sports, but somehow ended up in the military after high school. That was one of the best things to ever happen to me, because I really needed it at that point in my life. The military took me around the country and got me international on a few occasions. Met some interesting people and allowed me to grow up before I actually got into this music thing. And now here I go!

(UCIT) We rep UCIT and we rep the people out there grindin everyday. Born in Hammond Indiana, moved to Boynton Beach, FL in 2001 ( Groov ) / Skryp was born and raised in Boynton Beach, FL.UCIT defines success as HARD WORK. If you work hard and keep your eye on the prize YOU WILL succeed. We are only Getting Gooder! UCIT means exactly what is sounds like "you see it" don’t talk about it, be about it, actions speak louder than words! Were not gonna sit here and talk about what we are going to do, were just gonna do it, end of story.

(Bobble) I'm a Rap Artist/Promoter originally from Clearwater, Fl aka Wick City 727 relocated to 56ace grinding out here in the music industry doing my thang making moves feel me ! Went from a street hustle, to a junkie, to being clean almost 3 years and now with my head on straight working on taking over Florida 1 city at a time.