The People of Deerfield Beach

Welcome To Deerfield Beach Fl. !! I met a lot of great people ,made awesome friends , and met even more great clients !! This page is dedicated to you the great people ! Everyone has a story to tell and been through events or life changing moments ,some good some bad . Everyone has the floor to share their world with us ,So I hope you enjoy all these great articles from great people !!

I am humbled and honored to be interviewed by my classmate owner of Le’Nalors RimsInc.&Automotive @Kevin Hickman. I will share a little about myself. I am a Deerfield native. I Am BROWARD COUNTY BORN, BRED, AND RAISED. I love My State I love South Florida. I am a Father and a Husband. I am an Army veteran I enjoyed my time in the service and my time on two separate deployments in Iraq!!! I am also a dedicated Brother and Friend to those who warrant that level of respect from me. 

Favorite Quote to Live By - M.O.M.B.™ ( MORE OBEDIENCE, MORE BLESSINGS)

I want to Thank Anthony for his time and sharing a little bit of his history with us ! The goal is to show love to my city and all the great people I ran across and hope to meet in the future !! Everyone has a story to tell and I just want to share them with you !!

 I'm Kevin the Owner of Le'Nalors Rims Inc. & Automotive. Also the owner of this very site . I lived in Deerfield Beach Fl. nearly my whole life. I made a lot of great friends from Deerfield Park Elementry, Deerfield Middle , and Last but not least Deerfield Beach High School.Honestly I have been truly grateful and proud to say that. I always felt blessed to be Surrounded by the most loving and trustworthy Famly as well from my giving fianc'ee! My Support system has always been there for me through thick and thin , ups and downs . My positive influences is what helped me become a better human being and a good trusting friend to all I known .

Now in my upper 30's , I always felt this is the real start of your life. Example , your not  to young to make the same dumb mistakes, and your not to old to become whatever you always wanted to be. There are some negative things I  have learned as well. Your loved one's age as well , you stress more about their well being more than your own. The super human factors of your parents change in your mind from them being invincible to now seeing their mortal just like you. Heaven forbid in time we even start to lose some of them. But they say that is part of life and growing up.So while we're here love them , tell them how much you care and appreciate your love one's .

I decided to take part and do this article on myself so my many friends or any one else with a story to tell will take part and feel free to share with us! For me this was just part one . One day I may even have a very awesome story to tell. Until then , Like the Drake video God's Plan " IT'S A GOOD LIFE " , " IT'S A GOOD LIFE " ! For me not from money , power , and respect, but from what I already have which is my MIND,BODY, and most of all My SOUL!

Stay Blessed until next time Fam!

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