Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010 Wrap Up !!

I had a super time the 3 days on South Beach for Memorial Weekend 2010 .. Plenty of Beautiful ladies and even more Super looking Rides !! Plus I didn't forget the important part of the weekend ... That was to give thanks to the many Men and Women who lost their lives in service so we could have a fun and relaxing weekend .. Many Thanks !!!


  1. 954 Ft. Lauderdale

    O Yeah!!!! I'm here @ work & caught that South Beach vibe all over again. I can not wait until tha 4th of July. Thanks 4 the post.

  2. 561 Tha Raw said...
    @ 954 Ft. Lauderdale
    Naw tha next major event 4 summer is the 25th Anniversary of The Mango Festival in Deerfield Beach, FL Mane off the chain. You'll get dat South Beach feel trust me. Deerfield has like the second best festival 2 me.

  3. Fort Pierce (772)

    Hell Yeah! Already put in 4 my rental car. They didn't have a Mango Festival last year so I know they got sum making up to do. I will see you all @ the BP gas station or either Popeyes "LMAO"

  4. 954 Hollywood Fl

    I will see ya'll @ Mickey D's in the parking lot. Please Don't Rain.

  5. 305 OPA LOCKA
    Deerfield alwayz been on it......word from a n*gga from Dade County.........We f***z wit Broward.............So forget what U might have heard.

  6. Hallandale Beach

    Welcome Back! Mango Festival, I never thought that I would be saying that. I missed the hell out of the Mango last year.

  7. 561 Delray Beach yeah i had fun out there this can wait for next year