Saturday, November 6, 2010

(CEO LE' NALORS) What goals would you love to achieve when it's all said and done?

( ANAIYAH ) Goals: Honestly I would love to achieve this dream that most people of course for themselves couldn't be possible. I also want to give hope to those who inquire about it as well as be that guide to their own success.
Charities: Like I love to help the public. I would also would love to be able to help those who are going through a rough time with their household or they have a terminal illness that I can sponsor for treatment to those who need it.
My Magazine: The Miami Style. I want the Miami Public to understand that this is a magazine who you can trust . You can pick up this magazine and say yes this is something that can work for me and my family.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anyone that you looked upped to or admired?

( ANAIYAH ) Yes.My long time favorite would be the lovely Joesphine Baker. Joesphine was a head of her time and she knew it. She dedicated her life to making that stepping stone for all groups of people to accept talent not based on your cultural background , but by talent.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Do you have anything that you have already accomplished in your life that you’re proud of?

( ANAIYAH ) I am very proud of owning my own online publication at a very young age. I know that I probably one of the youngest fashion directors right now and it's very critical for me because most directors of magazines are a lot older than me.

(CEO LE' NALORS) Is there something you wish you could do over again?

( ANAIYAH ) No.I believe that fate should not be altered. It happened for that cause and that's the cause that made you become more wiser if you believe in positive living.

(CEO LE' NALORS) For the people who knows you best. How you think they would describe you?

( ANAIYAH ) I am Mrs Sunshine. I am a giving person who loves to entertain, be a social butterfly and just love being me.

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