Thursday, March 17, 2011

(CEO LE'NALORS) How did you come up with the name P.E.D and What does P.E.D mean ?

(P.E.D.) Haha, Well initially I didn’t have a name as an artist, and a friend of mine was just asking me to write verses and feature on his tracks. At this time I had no plan of trying to do it for myself so I was just having fun with it. Then the time came for him to put these tracks out and he was like "what do I call you?" and I had no idea. So I figured since my father wasn’t and I was raised women, a lot of the male lessons I learned came from music (good or bad) so I considered music like my father and declared myself a descendant music. Therefore the name Ped-agree. But of course regardless of the fact that I spelled it wrong people would always ask "you mean like the dog food?" hahaha…This was about the time Barry Bonds was going through the stuff with steroids and PED’s, so I shortened the name to P.E.D which just means Performance Enhancing Dialect. Which for me reminded me to try and inspire people to do better through my music, and not glorify negativity.

(CEO LE'NALORS) How did you get into music ?

(P.E.D.) It was crazy, I went to the studio with my friend that I mentioned earlier a dude called S.T.A.R.R. to do a verse on one of his tracks. It was the first time for me being in a studio and I was kind of nervous cuz there people there I didn’t know and I had no idea if I could even do this or not. I was not sure if my verse was hot enough and just everything man, but I got in the booth and just did it. When I was done one of the guys engineering that day is called Dub Deuce, he waited til I was about to leave and got my number and hit me up that next day and asked me if I wanted to get into it, cuz he thought I was nice. At this time I never really considered it, and I told him I was just having fun with it. He asked me to come back to the spot and gave me a beat to write to, and I wrote to just some instrumentals I had as well. Went back and laid them down and and just kept doing that until Dub convinced me to release some of the stuff I was writing, and later convinced me to do an album. I joined his label N’House music and we have been going hard ever since. That was like 07 or 08.

(CEO LE'NALORS) Do you feel you have a style in your music that is close to any big artist in the biz right now , who and in what way ?

(P.E.D.) Um…me personally…when I hear myself I don’t think of anyone else. but I have heard from other people that it reminds them of Common, and LL Cool J a lot. Which I take as a compliment because I respect both those guys and still ride to them.

(CEO LE'NALORS) How would you describe your style?

P.E.D.) I just feel my style is a relatable one. People hear my songs and feel like I could be telling their stories for them or reciting their thoughts and shit, ya know?

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