Monday, July 18, 2011

New Poll ? There can only be ONE " WEST COAST " BRACKET

I was just Thinking .. Who is really The Hottest Rapper all time ?? .. First up is round one and it begins with the West Coast Bracket .. So give your Thoughts on who you voted for and If I left off any artist you feel need to be in the Running feel us in .. The winner will go into the finals .. next up will be the East Coast Bracket , The midwest , and The South .. So give your Opinions


  1. Of coarse I voted 4 Ice Cube 2 words

    "No Vaseline"

  2. Cali N Da House said.....
    @ Pimpette a young lady after my own heart, mane No Vaseline wuz epic, best diss track ever.

    Str8 West Coast Right Here!!!!

  3. gotta go for cube da best dat ever did it.

  4. Mz Glam Said....

    this is one deadly verse that I will never 4 get

    "With no vaseline, just a match and a little bit of gasoline.
    Light 'em up, burn 'em up, flame on...
    till that Jheri curl is gone."

    What fool voted 4 Ice T, I bet it was that stupid behind Pork 'N' Beans

  5. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said....1st of all I had to throw that vote to 2pac, Now on to my PSA 4 those who do not know what that is **Public Service Announcement**

    Now I told everyone how broken up I was when Mz. Glam had to date this big dude 4 a hot nutritious meal. "Women especially the nice looking skinny women leave these big dudes alone, It pains me when I see a gentle flower with a over 300lb grizzle bear. Skinny people should be with skinny people & fat people should be with fat people I'm just sayin. Thank You. Mz Glam like 2pac said "Ya gotta keep ya head up"

  6. 954 Ft. Liquordale
    @ Pimpette
    Me 2 had 2 go 4 cube, No Vaseline nuff said.

    Now 2 boy Pork 'n' Beans Preach, Preach I get sic & tired of dat shyt, It's dis fine chick n my complex with dis ole big fat azz dude with dookie plaits on his head, not braids or dreads but got damn, nappy azz dookie plaits I always look @ her & smh & smile & ask her why? just why?

  7. 954 Coral Springs

    "lmfao" @ pork 'n' beans u sure do love making trouble.

  8. Cali N Da House said.....

    Mane Pork 'N' Beans you done done it now

  9. Mz Glam Said....

    @ Pork 'N' Beans well what can I say some people like them cute in the face thick in the waist, you my brother are thin in waist and butt booty ugly in the face.

    @954 Ft. Liquordale ,O.K let me get straight she would rather date somenone that's big and fat with nappy plaits instead of you, that's not saying much for you in the good looks department. you should have kept that little bit of information on the low low.

  10. 904 Duuuuval
    Damnnnnnnnnnnnn! Pork 'N' Beans & Liquordale
    yall just got Ether, O yeah I went 4 tupac, but back 2 my homies yall got ether. smdh