Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Le'Nalors NFL Preseason Predictions

The NFL is back ... BBQ's , Football pools, and just enjoying the get togethers every Sunday .... And you know what that means .. Super Bowl Predictions ... The Sexy Picks going around is The Eagles , New England , Packers , and yes even Though I hate to say it being a Florida Boy .. The Jets . I will go with a pick that I think will Take it this year .... Also having some GA Roots .. I could be picking from the Heart .. But I think Atlanta will take it this year ... What is Your Pick ... It's never to early in The NFL to go out on a limb


  1. Hott 'N' Atlanta said....

    Dat 1st banner iz da truth

    Go Atlanta!!!!!!!!!!! football's back b*tch'esssssss

  2. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...

    Chad Henne He's a methodical QB. I can't stand his robotic azz. The dolphins play just like their lame azz colors. I am riding 4 Tampa Bay/ The Eagles, But I'm picking the Eagles to take this thang this year.

  3. The One & Only ANON1 said......
    Let's Go Dallas

  4. Going 4 The Eagles Me & Pork 'n' Beans finally agree on something, This is a first.

    Go Philly

  5. Cali N Da House said....

    What's good "Pimpette" not a bad pick but I gotta go with The San Diego Chargers.

    Long term Wish list:

  6. My super bowl prediction is

    The Oakland Raiders vs The Cleveland Browns

  7. 904 Duuuuval

    @Anon 12:34 in my Tommy voice "You Stupid"
    Ya'll already know Jaguars baby, Matt Roth pretty good pass rusher, interesting to see how he's used.

  8. 904 Duuuuval
    @ Pimpette & Pork

    If The Jags don't make it I will be pulling 4 Philly to win 4 sho.

  9. 954 Lighthouse Point

    With a Brown Paper bag over my face in a slight whisper that you can barely hear. ***I'm going for the Miami Dolphins***

  10. This is Channing Crowder & I say f**k the Dolphins I'm pulling for The Jets & Patriots

  11. 615 Cashville,TN stand up
    oh yea banwagon fans it's not 2 late 2 jump on da wagon wit sun real winners.

    Tennessee Titans all day everyday

  12. This is Channing Crowder again does anybody know some good flag football teams that needs some extra players or help. Call Me

  13. Channing if I'm not speaking out of terms I think Wal-Mart is hiring

  14. Joakim Noah & Channing Crowder is long lost brothers true story.

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