Monday, December 19, 2011

New Poll ? There can only be ONE " THE EAST " Bracket

I was just Thinking .. Who is really The Hottest Rapper all time ?? .. Now up in round one is THE EAST Bracket .. So give your Thoughts on who you voted for and If I left off any artist you feel need to be in the Running feel us in .. The winner will go into the finals .. next up will be the midwest Bracket , So give your Opinions ...


  1. Da Boogie Down Bronx said...

    This is a very tough poll ? but, I had to for Nas aka Nasty Nas,aka Nasir Jones aka Nastradamus aka Escobar.

  2. Ms I've Been perfect since 1983 said...
    representing for the ladies MC Lyte even though I was a little tike trying to follow behind my big sis I still remember them MC Lyte songs.

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!! Be safe

  3. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    Hands down Jay-Z
    #1 The Black Album
    #2 In My Lifetime vol. 1
    #3 Reasonable Doubt
    #4 Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life

    All solid albums not to many MC'S can touch that. I still listen to these albums. classic

  4. Cali N Da House
    @Mr Ft. Liquordale 100% agree The Black Album was and still is the tightest of all Jay-Z'S albums to me.