Monday, June 11, 2012

HEAT vs THUNDER - NBA FINALS '' Lets get It ''

The Finals is here !! Time to put it all on the line . The Heat take on The Thunder in what I know will be a very awsome series ! But like all big events their can only be one Champion .. Super Tuff , But like always I must be a homer !! I respect the Thunder a whole lot trust me .. But I feel it's gonna go to the Heat in 6 games !! Now whats your pick Fam ?!


  1. Let's go heat, we gotta beat Kevin Durant a.k.a. Doodle jump, a.k.a. Wanda from In Living Color love child.

  2. Cali N Da House
    @Pimpette lol

    I hope the Heat jump all over on the Thunder and steal the first game. Go Heat Go !!!! I am a Laker fan but LeBron deserves a ring & Bosh

  3. Wite Boi
    Too bad; Spoelstra is the coach. He does not have that make up in his mentality. He is a softee. I am a Heat fan but I see Spoelstra as a detriment. He lost the Finals last year. He was out coached, couldn't see what adjustment to make, His thinking is limited. He does not design plays to exploit players talent. He did not prepare his bench. I could list other reasons. I grieve for LeBron. Spoelstra as coach, sorry no championship. My hope is despite Spoelstra - the Heat win.

  4. ToneDef026

    NOTHING will bring me more joy than seeing LBJ (and Chris Bosh) win a ring.
    Just to shut all of these pathetic lives haters up. y'all
    How a team with LBJ, D Wade and C Bosh on it can be an underdog just exemplifies tie utter disrespect this great heat team endures.
    How people even think that the Thunder can run with us is just laughable.
    But, We'll see.

  5. A 100% Thunder Fan
    Just wondering how anyone in Miami could say anything bad about OKC; the last time I was in south Florida, I thought I was in a third-world country like Haiti,Last time I was in Miami, there was a zombie attack.

  6. Celfan'85
    @A 100% Thunder Fan Hey! I don't think the "third world countries" would appreciate this analogy. LMAO

    1. A 100% Thunder Fan
      You're right. I apologize to any 3rd world countries I offended by comparing them to Miami.

  7. Lighthouse Point
    @100% Thunder Fan Wow this is coming from the state that actually has cow chip contests but that's about right seeing that Oklahoma is full of sh*t.

  8. @Celfan'85
    Excuse me boo-boo but if I am not mistaken your team is out of the play offs so why are we still hearing from you, but hey if you are planning on bring your same good luck to the Oklahoma Thunder that you brought to the Celtic's then be my guest then. lol

  9. Tomb0909
    LeBum is the ultimate choke artist. Like last year this guy will be doing everything he can to pass the ball in the 4th quarter of the NBA FINALS... HE IS FRAUD. KD IS THE REAL MVP

  10. A 100% Thunder Fan
    Well bub's this thing aint lookin to good for Miami... We kicked ur as*** tonight. We were a bit rusty to start off this contest but man did we turn it on. I reckon the Eastern Conference kinda sucks if this is the best team to come out of there. I gotta be honest with ualls I dont see Miami play that much but outside of Lebron James this team truly does suck. This is gonna be a walk in the park compared to Los Angeles and San Antonio. Im so excited right now. Were gonna sweep these losers!!!!

  11. A 100% Thunder Fan
    Parton me I meant We kicked ur as*** last night

  12. Ebinigga Scrooge 305
    Lets be honest-They simply outplayed the Heat from the second half tip on...No ref issue,no coaching issue Their 5 outplayed our 5 man on man, That being said it is only game one Lets see how it plays out before we gut our team, fire the coach and crucify D-Wade and Bron after all They did score like 50 something points.

  13. PrettyeyezThrishten
    Thunder, thunder, thunder Ho!
    The Thunder's are on the move,
    The Thunder's are loose,
    Feel the magic, hear the Roar,
    The Oklahoma Thunder's are loose,

    Gets Go Thunder 1 down 3 more 2 go

  14. Na Na stanking Oklahoma Thunders take that, take that

    Hee-Hee x3

  15. Cali N Da House

    Way 2 go Miami Heat!

  16. Bosh is baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!. Battier is dealing a hot haaaaaaaaaaand!!!!!Wade is looking like the Wade we all know. And Lebron is going to give his personal recipe (30-12-8) in every game. Mario is ready to explode!!!!. I like what I see. Heat in 5 !!!!

  17. Lighthouse Point
    All is good in my world this morning, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won a race and the HEAT won at home . The birds are chirping this morning I guest I'll have a big bowl of Grape-Nuts cereal. Go white hot Heats!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    MVP of regular season, probably will be MVP of finals.. Need the Heat to win tonight and Thursday to wrap this thing up! Keep their foot on OKC's neck! Stay in the paint Bron Bron!
    Keep up the rebounding, assists and insane play. Unstoppable!.
    Go Heat!

  19. RogerDat09

    Good luck fellow Thunder fans. I feel good about tonight, for some reason lets get this win 2-2 Miami isn't winning 3 straight against our Thunders, Gonna win one of the next 2 and wrap it up at home!!!! This just allows us to enjoy closing it out at home.

  20. Tatted Up Diva said....
    Where my Heat Fans @ Don't want to go back to OKC. Miami should come out like a pack of wild dogs tonight GO HEAT! Make it 3-1

  21. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    Miami Heat has three words for Oklahoma "Book em Danno!" lol

  22. Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville

    @Liquordale Naw dogg The Heat is like "you ain't gotta go home but you gotta get the hell up outta here" LMAO

  23. Ebinigga Scrooge 305
    Heat don't let me down I've already taken Friday off stay focus, I am not going to start talking s**t to the clock says 0:00 then get me a case of wet wipes and diapers for my mouth. lol Heat Fans I know I know how we can't wait to start talking sh*t but hold on we still got 1 more game to go.

  24. Lighthouse Point
    Please Miami Heat let's make this a Championship Thursday

  25. Mz Glam
    Let's go Heat Let's go (clap clap) Let's go Heat Let's go (clap clap)!!!!!