Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Le'Nalors Round Table Topic " Definition of a Good Woman "

Whats good Fam ?! Back with my Round Table Question for you !! A few months back I had a topic called Definition of a Good Man and Ladies you kinda got alot of male Fustration tossed at you.But it's all about balance on this site and this time I have to hit my boyz with this question !! With all honesty fellas , Do you know you have a good woman ,but yet you still be on sites like Face Book talking with other women or being a little sneaky with some of your deeds ?! And Ladies does it even matter to you ?? Share your thoughts all is welcome !!


  1. I'm an excellent woman, and I would love to know what you gentlemen consider the Definition of a Good Woman in your opinion

  2. Mr Steal Ur Gurl '84'
    My definition of a good woman is Dresses conservatively, Knows her self worth and is Responsible, smart, Acts like a woman without getting pissy drunk, Has morals, and most important thing of all most be Supportive of a good black man.

  3. Chocolate Drop said....
    Sak Passé Everybody It's Friday!!!!! Where is everybody??????
    @Mr Steal Ur Gurl '84' (smile) thumbs up!! it's about damn time a man said that because you'll be surprise @ the number of men like their women "Pissy a** drunk off of the goose" with their hands out for money.

  4. Tatted Up Diva said....
    Perfect round table topic for my question Okay listen It's this dude @ my job he's a real cool dude but, his so-called girlfriend is so damn trifling it's not even funny, like for one thing she tells him she needs help paying her half of rent with her roommate and I know for a fact that they have section 8 she just uses the sh*t out of him and I want to tell him so bad, but I do not want to jeopardize my friendship with him what should I do Guys

  5. Cali N Da House
    @Tatted Up Diva it's sad but he's going to have to learn the hard way, my homeboy is the same way you can't tell him sh*t about his money hungry a$$ trick. I can't stand her f*cking guts if that b*tch was on fiyah I wouldn't even spit on her.

  6. Mr.narcissistic

    @Tatted Up Diva It's not going to do any good telling him trust me I remember back in the dayz I had a two door Cutlass Supreme working @ Winn-Dixie @ a stock boy, I was talking to this girl damn near giving her about all my check taking her here and there my mom's was like "What in the hell is wrong with you that girl don't give a sh*t about you" Long story short my car broke down and she needed a ride I ask to borrow my mom's car first she said yes then she ask me for what when I told her she was like "Let that raggedy a** b*tch walk" I was mad so I told her My car is broke down she was like okay and hung up on me I kept calling her she wouldn't answer finally she called me and the first words out of her mouth was "Is your car fix" The first person I thought of was my mom's and how she was right but I didn't want to listen. So the point of my long a** story is you know if I didn't listen to my own mom he's not going to listen to you Tatted Up Diva "LOL"

  7. PoloKidd1977
    @Mr.narcissistic LMAO I went through the same situation when I was a youngster, but I'd rather have been a young fool then a old one. Count it as a lesson learned

    @Tatted Up Diva I hope for your friend sakes that he's in his early 20's going threw this rite of passage that all of us men go through at one point and time, because if he's in his 30's on up and letting women still use him like this, now it becomes just sad, and pathetic still falling for the old okie-doke.

  8. Wite Boi

    @Tatted Up Diva the answer is NO!!!!!! don't tell him he is too far gone now at this point. When I was in my teen's I went through it with my so-called girlfriend at the time I got my lil Publix check she was right there with her hands out then comes the weekend she was like a ghost,I couldn't even call her a spirit at least spirits make some sort of noises she was like Casper over the weekends.LOL I thank God I learned my lesson early.

  9. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    Okay guys this is a true story and funny as hell it just happened recently this dude I work with was talking to this chick and she had a baby from another dude but she claimed that there was no relationship. so I guest her and dude started kicking it or whatever and he started giving her money you know like 40 here 60 there so one day she came up to him and told him she needed $600.00 and he was like I'll see what I can do. She told him if he couldn't come up with the money she will have to ask her baby daddy for the money of course this made him hot he was like I'll get the money for you.So about 3 weeks later I'm on Facebook and I see some pictures of the same chick, in the Bahamas with another dude I felt out of my chair laughing the $600.00 he gave her she used it for her and her baby daddy to go to the Bahamas.

  10. MzEbonyEyez

    @Mr. Ft. Liquordale lmfao that's too funny,Gurl was chilling in the Bahamas. (wipe tears from eyez from laughter) and the 2012 player of the year goes to Bahama Mama