Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Le'Nalors NFL 2012 Prediction !!! Who's Favorite

Another season is upon us Fam. And just like every year I must get your thoughts ! The NFL is by far the most balanced of all the sports when picking a Champion . Now let me give you my picks for this year ! I'm still on my hot streak from picking the NBA Finals in my basketball preview , so lets see if I can keep my roll going!! This year the Saints just has to much going on , Dallas is ,well Dallas .. And The Ravens who is always so close ,but one bad kick or dropped pass in the endzone and now with Suggs out a good while..just bad luck !! I know every year anyone can pick the Pats ,but not me ,maybe it's a Florida thang lol .. But this year Super Bowl will be The Houston Texans over The San Francisco 49ers .. Now your turn .. who will raise the trophy this year !??


  1. Ebinigga Scrooge 305

    North Carolina Panthers or The Pittsburgh Steelers

  2. The Packers and Texans for the Superbowl

  3. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    @Ebinigga & Pimpette what's up where's every one

    Ravens V.S. it doesn't matter because the Ravens will win.

  4. SamYell JacksEm
    Ravens vs. Falcons 2013 Super Bowl picks

  5. Cali N Da House
    Hey Pimpette! Nice picks but there was no mentioning of the Chargers LOL

  6. Mz Glamz
    @Pimpette & Cali Leave Facebook alone & talk to me damnit "LOL" I miss u guys where is everyone hiding.

    My prediction is Steelers and the Green Bay Packers!

  7. 954 Lighthouse Point

    Good Picks @Mz Glamz I'm also predicting that the Pittsburgh Steelers and The Green Bay Packers will face each other again in this year's Super Bowl.