Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Le'Nalors Round Table Topic of The Week " Fair or Foul " NFL Questions ??

Whats good Fam missed you all ! But I'm back with a Round Table Topic of The week for you! In cased you missed it.Recently Some NFL teams has asked some really personal questions as of late to future players of the league ! Some questions such as asking if their mother was ever a prostitute to recently asking players about their sexual orientation !?? Got me thinking ?? Is it Fair or Foul ?? Do these teams have the right to ask certain questions because their investing millions of dollars . Share your opinions fam !! Love to hear what you got ! Has The NFL Gone over the line ??


  1. This one is a double edge sword type of thing, Can you just imagine an Oakland Raider player coming out the closet. "How you doing" I'm just saying "LOL"

  2. Life On Tha Edge
    Hell naw keep dat sh*t in Atlanta Ga

  3. Cali N Da House
    What's Up? Pimpette

    I Think a gay man can be accepted in The NFL if he goes by the creed of a straight man "If you so as much #$%$*&! look @ me or touch me........I'll kill ya!" LMFAO Hey peeps don't kill the messenger I'm just being real