Monday, June 1, 2015

Le'Nalors Presents " Great People of Deerfield Beach " - ANTHONY


 I am humbled and honored to be interviewed by my classmate owner of Le’Nalors RimsInc.&Automotive @Kevin Hickman. I will share a little about myself. I am a Deerfield native. I Am BROWARD COUNTY BORN, BRED, AND RAISED. I love My State I love South Florida. I am a Father and a Husband. I am an Army veteran I enjoyed my time in the service and my time on two separate deployments in Iraq!!! I am also a dedicated Brother and Friend to those who warrant that level of respect from me.

Favorite Quote to Live By - M.O.M.B.™ ( MORE OBEDIENCE, MORE BLESSINGS)

I want to Thank Anthony for his time and sharing a little bit of his history with us ! The goal is to show love to my city and all the great people I ran across and hope to meet in the future !! Everyone has a story to tell and I just want to share them with you !!

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