Monday, March 4, 2024

The Le'Nalors News of The Week - Chris Brown Could Lose Home Amid $1.76 Million Popeyes Debt

Back in late September of last year, Chris Brown was handed down a $2 million dollar lawsuit from Popeyes. The fast-food chicken establishment has become a staple in the business even with its fellow counterparts like KFC, Church's, and more. It is part of the reason why the R&B superstar invested in two locations. However, he has not held up his end of the deal as according to the documents from City National Bank. Brown owed $22,140,901.74 in unpaid principal and interest. The lawsuit was filed in California. The singer still has not fulfilled that request about six months later, meaning the consequences are now more serious.

This latest update comes from The Neighborhood Talk and Hollywood Unlocked. They both report that he has exactly 30 days to pay back the outstanding debt. However, instead of just forking over money, Brown could be in danger of losing some of his prized possessions. Those include his home, wages, and money.

All three assets would help pay back the balance. On top of that, the court could do so without notifying Brown. "This court may order that a writ of execution or other enforcement may issue. Your wages, money, and property could be taken without further warning from the court," the filing reads. In Hollywood Unlocked's piece, they reported that the new amount is $1,760,654.11. That information came through from BNN. 

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