Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rides of The Day : INDIANA ??!!

I Been feelin the vibe from alot of states and their rides !! So these are Str8t From Indiana


  1. Tha International Playa iz in tha house
    O.K O.K Tha Local Playa iz in tha house.

    All I can say about these cars iz real playas does real playa things. Luv tha blue ride.
    Did not know that Indiana had it like this.

    901 Memphis

  2. 239 Naples Fl
    I C YA Indiana

  3. 404 East Point GA

    MayWeather VS Mosley May 1, 2010
    My green backz iz on Floyd, Now if only I can free load off somebody to look @ the fight a brother can't afford the pay-per-view.

    I am buyin the fight and will be charging my family & friends 10$ a pop. Hey a man got 2 eat right. That way I can enjoy the fight and a profit. We all win. Oh I got my money on Floyd. Gotta go with Floyd.

  5. 561 Tha Palms
    @ 919 Goldsboro NC

    U must be going to have a buffet and drinks 4 $10 LMFAO & U already know how Palm Beach feel about these cars str8 money here, sum nice rides on here.

  6. 561 Tha Palms
    1 more thing, going with MayWeather

  7. I'm going for Sugar Shane simply because I feel sorry 4 him so am throwing my support his way not that I think he's going to win but I feel sorry 4 him.

  8. 540 Richmond
    @MzPimpette Gotta go for Floyd, but I too shall feel bad when Sugar Shane get torn out of tha frame.

  9. 407 Orlando Fl
    @in4misspimpette i prolly have 2 go with sugar shane too not because i feel sorry for him, but dem vegas odds. as usual i am enjoying the site just thought for once i would leave a comment.

  10. 214 Dallas "HipHopGuru Said:"
    @In4MissPimpette What's good Ma

    Wow sum tight whips on here, as 4 Floyd & Shane, Gotta ride with Floyd on this one.

  11. Sugar Shane face just looks old & dusty & just plain tired, So with that said I am going with Floyd.

  12. 305 Miami all day baybee said: Mane ya'll killing Sugar Shane .Yes I gotta go for floyd also.

    Being from Miami-Dade gotta show mad luv 2 D'S rides on here.

  13. 615 Charlotte TN
    @Ms.Pimpette U just might be on to something did everyone see them odds against Shane, not too many people going with him including myself. Okay! let me give a shout out to these rides before the owner of this site be like "I post cars not fights on here" But I do enjoy this site, very much.

  14. 954 FT.Liquor Dale
    @In4MissPimpette What's good Baby Gurl.

    Suga Shane here In Ft. Lauderdale we got your back mane we believe in u. Just Kiddin' Going for Floyd.

  15. This is probably the last good fight to get excited over for people between the ages of 25 to 40 who really remember good boxing matches like Roy Jones Jr, Mike Tyson,Lennox Lewis,Evander Holyfield,Riddick Bowe,Andrew Golota , etc. Mane I miss those dayz because boxing is almost done.

  16. Hello from Cali
    Working late tonite @ 3:15pm your so correct boxing is almost a rap. Looking forward 2 the fight sat.

  17. Chocolate Drop said...

    I gotta go for Floyd!!!

  18. I predict that Suga Shane is going to win in the 9th round.

  19. Pelle Pelle said...
    What's Happening Mz Pimpette

    @3:15PM 100% with dat comment boxing iz almost done, mane i am looking forward to this match, I hope it don't be some crazy shyt going down so they will have 2 do a rematch. Going for floyd, and so iz mz pimpette "ha-ha".

  20. Mr 702 ya already know

    Floyd! Got dis in tha bag.

  21. 213 Los Angeles

    Mane Suger Shane is on another blog which will remain nameless with sum butt booty naked azz pictures of himself. Now I know i'm going 4 Floyd, Nasty azz freak.

  22. 404 East Point GA

    What it do? Floyd. I'm on that henny & coke ,Heading 2 da club, Had 2 shout ya'll out because ya'll wuz a trip on here dis week. LMFAO.

  23. 404 East Point GA

    Oh Yeah! Anon 4/29/10 1:36 pm we guest your prediction wuz dead azz wrong. Ha-Ha