Friday, May 21, 2010

Ride of The Day

When this Car came my way I had to show it off on the site .. This is one sick paint job !! Check it out ...


  1. 225 Baton Rouge

    Dis Car iz str8 fiyah. Bananas

  2. Cloverdale 901

    Tight azz whip, different color from any other cars I have seen.

  3. Mizz 305 said...

    2 Mo dayz 4 tha official Memorial day weekend begins. I will be taking a lot of pictures with carz like dis. O How I do It!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tha 404 Atl

    Yes Sir I'll have my car in tha 305 dis weekend Lookin' forward 2 the crazy energy on MDW on South Beach.

  5. 904 Jacksonville

    Nice Charger & I don't even get down with Chargers but this one right here is nice.

  6. 407 Orlando

    Mane S. Beach wuz off tha chain dis weekend, Didn't want it 2 end. The cars out there wuz just plain sick.

  7. North Khaki U are ready know said...

    South Beach was crazy azz hell this weekend, Mane tha shyt I seen I can't even repeat it. Tattoos in places that they shouldn't even be.

  8. Ms. Ive Been Perfect Since 1984 said...

    I took sum pictures with Ace Hood On South Beach he is so nice in person and good looking too. Not rude like Wacka Flocka stank azz he smelt like he was broke. MDW was off the hook!!!

  9. 305 Miami-Dade

    Mane I luv South Beach on MDW ,It has no age limit out there, Mane I seen my homeboy Grandmother out there in a 2 piece .

    @Ms I've Been Perfect Since 1984

    Mane Ace Hood, Brisco, Billy Blue,Lil' Scappy is some of tha most realest. They Always Come threw and show luv. That's why I support dem ni**a in everything they do.