Monday, June 13, 2011

The Le'Nalors Person on The Rise * UCIT RECORDS *

(CEO LE'NALORS) Tell us about yourself and where you are reppin?

(UCIT) We rep UCIT and we rep the people out there grindin everyday. Born in Hammond Indiana, moved to Boynton Beach, FL in 2001 ( Groov ) / Skryp was born and raised in BoyntonBeach, FL.

(CEO LE'NALORS) How did you get into the music scene?

(UCIT) Started out as a DJ back in Hammond,SK been rappin since 92, and took part in highschool tallent shows. in 2001 when Groov moved to FL he linked up with his cousin Skripcha, they would freestyle for fun, and soon realized they could do this for real!

(CEO LE'NALORS How would you best describe your style?

(UCIT) Our style is like a quarterback sneak! with me being from the midwest and my cousin sk being from the South it definently gives our music a unique blend of sounds.

(CEO LE'NALORS) What is your feeling on the state of music today?

(UCIT) Today's state of music is very diverse. There are so many different sounds out there... You also see alot of younger artists steppin into the game..

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