Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Le'Nalors NBA Preseason Preview and Prediction

It's finally time Fam .. The NBA is Back .. So just like the NFL Preview I just had to do the NBA.I must say with all the off season antics I just wondered if I would be able to give you a great opinion on some of these teams to look out for this season...So lets give this a try..Lets Start with The LA Lakers ,With Phil Jackson out of The picture and in with Mike Brown and the possibilities of loosing all that size with Odom and Gasol ??Don't look good and has The Celtics lost The battle with Father time?The Bulls had a very great year ,but will they Be able to carry on being a one man offensive machine with Rose .. And This leads me to The Champions Dallas Mavs..With big loses of key Free agents to that very great team, have they become a one hit wonder?? .. Now the Prediction ... The Finals will be The Heat vs Thunder..With the Heat in 6 .. I know , I know I always be a little bit of a Homer and you the great readers always been kind enough to let your boy slide on that .. But I'm not calling for 7 titles .. but for this year I think they will grab this one .. All opinions are welcome .. I enjoy hearing your Thoughts .. So who You got .. Let the Games Begin.


  1. well we know for a fact it's not the lakers this year trading lamar odom for some draft picks i know kobe's pissed

  2. LanceT79"

    Dallas!!! Baby I think they got one left in them,
    The Celtics lost The battle with Father time? LOL
    That's a good one

  3. Wite Boi

    Jim Buss has just Effed up the Lakers by giving Lamar Odom away. Unbelievable, What a way to concede the championship to Miami.

  4. I'll wait to see Tebow's picks for the finals because rumor has it that When Tim Tebow touches water it turns into Gatorade.

  5. Cali N da House

    What Up! Pimpette
    Imma need Tim Tebow for my Lakers this year because it's going to take a miracle. Word around here is that The active ingredient in Red Bull is Tim Tebow's sweat.

  6. 954 Lighthouse Point
    Miami Heat got this in the bag this season. Lets Go Heat!!!!!!!

  7. 954 Lighthouse Point
    I Have a huge man crush on Tim Tebow, Just thought i would share that.

  8. Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville

    What it do Pimpette & Cali where is everybody?

    @ 954 Lighthouse Point mane you should have kept dat info 2 ur self.

    The Heat! next,Okay this is what I heard, Tim Tebow can get breakfast at McDonald's after 10:30 A.M

  9. Hott N Atlanta said....

    Hell naw you not going to get me to say The Atlanta Hawks Go Miami!!!!!!! lol

  10. Hott N Atlanta said...

    You didn't hear this from me but rumor has it that Tim Tebow hits blackjack with just one card.

  11. Da Boogie Down Bronx said...
    New York Knicks all the way babe******

  12. Cali N Da House

    Kobe's demand to be traded watch has now officially started, but hey you know what they say The grass is always greener on Tim Tebow's sideline.

  13. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...

    Oooooohhh Weeeeeee I would luv to go to tha strip club wit Tim Tebow I bet ya booty will just be falling from the ceiling into his lap and the dancers will probably give Tebow all their wet dollars. Once again Tebow you lucky S.O.B.

  14. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...

    Oh Yeah what up Cali mane I see you still got dat night shift.

  15. Scotty1986MVP

    Chicago Bulls 2012 Champions
    Now this is what I heard about Tim Tebow you could either believe it or not but Tim Tebow’s Rice Krispies don’t snap, crackle, pop; they recite John 3:16

  16. Troubleshooter 101 said
    Looking both ways before I share this Information with you okay! the close is clear now I heard Tim Tebow won the World Series of Poker using Pokemon trading cards. I heard he won a grip too

    Orlando Magic

  17. MDub said....

    @In4MissPimpette I know how much you hate the McRib sandwich but I heard that McDonalds brought the McRib back at Tim Tebow’s request

  18. ChrisJ1984

    Tim Tebow once pee'd in the gas tank of a semi truck as a joke... That semi truck is now Optimus Prime!