Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The South Bracket is in and The Winner is ??

Thanks to everyone who voted on The South bracket for greatest rapper ... And we have a winner in another very close battle and will be in the final showdown for greatest Rapper Ever .. Lil Wayne with 21% followed by Rick Ross at 19 % in a super close race ..Thanks again and up next is The East Coast Bracket for greatest rapper .. Should be very interesting as this has to be one of the toughest and biggest field ..


  1. Mz. Glam


  2. 25gotham

    Lil' Whoopi will NEVER be the best rapper alive. he's trash, Well I see how the 2012 election is going to play out.

  3. I'm appalled that Lil John wasn't name the best rapper of the South, Now I'm going to take off one sock and slap someone across the face for this injustice.

  4. Scotty1986MVP

    Lil Wayne won The South bracket That sh*t cray (x6)

  5. Lil Winkster looks like he smells like fish stew.