Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Le'Nalors Round Table of The Week Topic " Definition of a good Man "

Whats good Fam ?!! Back with this weeks Round Table Topic and this one Is a Question for The Ladies out there !?? Have you ever pre judge a man based on Status , Looks , wealth or personality ??!! Example .. Since the end of time ladies have asked for a good man .. But are you guilty of over looking a gentleman because of the kind of car or what kind of job he has .. put your thoughts on the table and fellas also throw down your opinions !!

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  1. Cali N Da House
    Women always say that they want a good man but the fact of the matter is big rims and big chains always win their heart.

  2. Mz Glam

    @ Cali you my boy and all but why is that guys feel like they have to wear big chains,and have big rims, Why because that's what hoodrats prefer that is hoodrats “preferences' and y'all always fall for the women with the stank walk.

  3. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    1st of all if women stop listening to their raggedy,scruffy azz homegirls maybe then they can find a good man they always have to get the okay from one of their homegirls, When their lives and relationships is f**k-up.

    2nd of all stop asking us men to keep it real with y'all when I'm looking @ the top of your head and seeing damn glue dripping from your forehead from trying to make a wig look like it's coming out of your damn scalp.

  4. PoloKidd1977
    O.K. I have a question for the ladies why is it a big problem, Like when a man lives @ home with his Moms, Women like to say "Oh I got my own place" But boo section 8 don't count, holla @ a playa when your rent is about $1500 a month and not $150.00 a month section 8 does not make you a success.You maybe have been blessed with low rent but your not a success.

  5. @PoloKidd1977 Wow that's was deep I could understand you better if you wasn't like 35 and living @ home. Come on ladies let's put or L'S to our forehead for PoloKidd1977 and say "LOSER" but, PoloKidd that was some profound thinking on your part.

  6. Mr.narcissistic
    As much as women say "Men are all dogs" and "Men are all cheaters", they are just as bad if not worse. They think that way because they go after the same type of guy every single time! They go after the same guy in the club with gold teeth, stanking a$$ dreadlocks, got a bottle of Liquid in one hand and stack of money in the other. They go after the same guy who is just rude and totally incompetent. They go after the typical "bad boy" and then they get all shocked when he cheats on them. They go after the man who treats them badly from the beginning and they think they can "change them". They are wrong every time.

  7. Chocolate Drop said....
    Ya'll females have TOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNSSS of guy friends who ya'll know are "Good Black Men". But are ya'll trying to date them? Nope? Why? I don't know why, there are 1000s of excuses. "He's like a brother to me." "I don't see him like that" "I just don't like him that way" "I don't wanna ruin our friendship" Maybe....JUUUUUUST maybe, if instead of chasing after that Fine-ass Kappa or that Nasty Que, you'd pay attention to the Darnel, you know Darnel, he's the guy that ALWAYS helps you with your bills, pick you up from work. The guy you ALWAYS talk to whenever some guy has done you wrong. Go ahead and pay attention to Darnel, he might be one of those elusive "Black Men" ya'll are searching for.

  8. PoloKidd1977
    @Anon 4:36 Men lets put or hands together and form 2 zeros touching and your other fingers up in the air what do have Anon 4:36 section 8 housing a**. Holla @ me when they start letting men have damn houses for $25.00 a month.

  9. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...

    @Chocolate Drop sorry but that ni$$a Darnel sounds g@y a$$ f**k!
    @PoloKidd1977 I did the hands thang that sh*t kray it makes a perfect 8 with the roof of a house you know I'm going to steal this right.

  10. Mz Glam
    You know how I hate to agree on anything with you but yeah, Darnel sounds a little suspect to me. lol

    @PoloKidd1977 lol that's crazy, the perfect number 8 with the house attach.

  11. @Mr.Pork'n'Beans this Darnel all I got to is 2 snaps and a kick in the air and O yeah " Hated It "

  12. Tatted Up Diva said....
    Good black men do exists. A good man is not defined by occupation or income anything physical. The man who gave me everything including a broken heart and the shock of my life taught me well. I learned to value what is in a man’s heart. What does he value? Does he have a good character? Do his friends respect him? Why? What does his family think of him? These are people who may hate or congratulate but, throught it all its an excellent opportunity to gain insight into what is in the man’s heart.

  13. Just Keeping It real said....
    I know this is a generalization, but it's true, right? Women are attracted to a man with money, looks, and power? I feel like most women deny these because admitting it publicly gives them a bad social image since we're taught to look for more inner traits. They must give the socially acceptable response and downplay the real attraction. Plus it seems to make sense from an evolutionary and instinctive standpoint. So come on out! This is the internet and you're all anonymous, so lets be honest! It's just that what I find is that what women say what they want is often very different from what they actually choose. I personally don't know any women who married "down". The man is always above her in terms of either finance, physical attributes, or status/power. I mean let's face it want woman wouldn't want a man with a six figure job.

  14. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    @Just Keeping It real O.K. If you like having a six figure job know ones stopping you, you women are a trip the Bible says that a man is suppose to keep his wife, which means a man is only supposed to supply the Necessities of Life, Basic needs, such as food, water, clothing, and shelter, that a person requires to survive. Now if a woman wants money for designers bags,desiger clothes, lacefront wigs,etc, etc so she can keep up with Keisha and them. You betta get out there Ma and make that six figure salary because I'm sure as hell not going to do it.

  15. Preach Pork'n'Beans Preach!!!!!!!

  16. Mr.narcissistic
    Good Look Pork 'n' Beans talking about a six figure job,and bet you any amount of money them thugs that blow out their backs don't have a six figure job. If a woman start concerning her self with your finances run like hell.Women ask yourselves are looking for a good man or a damn sponsor.

  17. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    @Just Keeping It real Hey you don't think us men would to have a woman with a 6 figure income,Shyt I would love to sing the Drake song to her "Make Me Proud"

  18. Just Keeping It real said....
    "Its a lose-lose thing for black women in it.

    If we want a lifestyle of the rich and famous-like other females- we are pushed to date wealthier men who can afford it.
    But when we over look the blue collar black males who cant support that lifestyle, we are seen as being materialistic and not giving a brotha a chance because of his income.

    damned if you do and damned if you dont."

  19. Brooklynn1980sBabe

    @Just Keeping It real

    I agree with argument some what I think the term gold digger refers to an individual that brings nothing to the table but expects to reap the benefit from the harvest-essentially a free loader give me, give me and the relationship is not even romantic. I don't believe that black women are any more or less gold diggers than are non-black women. In general black women manner of engaging in gold digging is different. What black women should do is focus on the man with drive and determination in the early lean years....build with him and both can enjoy the fruits of their labor. You cannot also show up at the end of the show. As a woman if a woman can't understand the direction you are going in you need to let her out of the car and keep it moving.

  20. Women & Men can we all just get along

  21. MzDark&Lovely1983

    OK This question is for the fellas. Why do you all always gravitate to the females that like using y'all , for example Oh My phone bill needs to get paid, Can you help me out a little I need about $200.00 dollars, Can you pick me up or can I borrow your car, and then she never calls you unless she needs you for something.Fellas I'm asking you this question because you all always talking about women can find a good man if they stop going after them thugs, Well the same advice go to you. STOP! picking up hoodrats and labeling them as black women. A good decent Black Woman is not going to ask you for s**t!

  22. Perhaps they are simply not attracted to you? @MzDark&Lovely1983

  23. MzDark&Lovely1983

    @ Anonymous 10:08 AM
    It is not about looks with me. I am not bad looking in the least little bit unless you want to count my dark creamy skin against me then those are your issues not mines, I love me.The point of my question is: Why do men stay in miserable relationships with hoodrats, Now either you are the hoodrat that I am talking about or you are the spineless jellyfish of a man that let's women walking all over you.

  24. Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville

    I have the official Hoodrat guide rite here

    1. Hoodrats can't control themselves from telling lies

    2. Hoodrats are very irrational they have to have at least one argument per day.

    3. Hoodrats procrastinate. They are time-wasters. They also try to waste other people's time. Don't let one of 'em waste yours

    4. A lot of them smoke weed, drink like a fish, or do some kind of dope, so they are confused or ignorant about the true "Issues of Life". They don't know how to solve problems - or, deal with problems - except by way of violence or confrontation. They are simple. They love to argue and debate but they know nothing and refuse to listen.

    5. Many hoodrats are deceivers who constantly think up ways of "getting over" on others. Some are pimps in disguise.

    6. Hoodrats love to borrow and ask for favors.

    7. Hoodrats don't believe in snitchin' but they love to gossip

    8. Hoodrats loves attention, and hang strong with an army of their cousins who looks,speaks, and act just like they do.

    9. One Minute the Hoodrat's a Christian quoting the Bible, going to church then the following weekend she's @ the club with the army of skanks shaking her a** for free drinks.

    10. Hoodrats scams....Driver Licenses which means she lost her licenses due to and D.U.I. but she'll tell you it wasn't her fault, Light bill scam, section 8 scams a.k.a. 1/2 of the rent scam, phone bill scam.

  25. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    @Duuuuuuval Hey mane what's good

    You know my old lady fits 9 0ut of 10 of those criteria's maybe it's because I met her @ K.O.D.

  26. ChrisJ1984
    @Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville "LMFAO"

  27. @Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville
    "lol" Gosh! Did you descended from the mountains after been given two stone tablets for "The Ten Commandments for Hoodrats"

  28. Muck City @ Duuuuuuval you ain't neva lied.

    When it comes to black woman, there are a lot of rotten apples out there also.
    Black woman are no picnic either, most have too many partners or just have a awful disposition.
    When black women get even worse when they get in a relationship,one thing you can count ,is they will surely put their foot in it, and ruine everything.
    You can't make a black woman happy,period!
    They cheat just as much as men do, I think even more , black woman have a lot of secrets!
    I'm a retired nice guy gone bad, thanks to my so called good black women,being nice to black women does'nt work, so don't fall for that junk black woman preach ,you'll regret it in the end,every time.

  29. MizzPrizzyAzz1986 said....
    @Muck City
    Why is it always the black woman's fault? Why isn't anyone talking about what role the black man, or lack thereof, are playing in this situation? I, like many of my friends, am a good woman and I am single. Not because I'm not supportive, or loyal, or know how to "let a man be a man," it's because I hardly ever find a good man. I'm talking about a man who is willing to commit to me, and only me; a man who has a job, a man who has some sort of education either a high-school diploma with a trade, or a college degree, a man who does not have 2 or 3 kids with 2 or 3 baby mamas, or a man who doesn't sell drugs, a man who will treat me just as good as I treat him. I can't remeber the last time I met a man without kids, and I'm only 25. Now, I'm willing to make some sacrafices and take some of the things above, but not all.

  30. Ms ATL
    I have 1 friend who is loyal, faithful, sweet, and pretty. She works full-time and she's also in school, and is pregnant by her boyfriend...A guy with no high-school diploma, who has never been to work since she met him (about 2 1/2 years), already has 1 kid, has no car (but drops her off at work everyday, to do God knows what in her car), and basically tried to move into our apartment (spent the night at least 6 out of 7 nights for about 3 consecutive months) without offering one red cent on the rent or a bill even though he used our utilities, washed his clothes, and ate our food. If that's what I have to settle for,to be a good black woman I'll pass.

  31. IronWood09'
    sistas got to much tude, they have to make everything complicated , just like to start damn arguments for nothing I just broke up with my girl like two weeks ago, I got tired of the B.S. she was putting me threw she hung up that got damn phone on me one time to many,the last time I went and got my number change, and Didn't call her ass back. So here come her cousins coming to my job talking about "You two need to stop why don't you call her" I was like O.k I'll call her later on she never got that call. My point is people love who you want to love, but a relationship should never be stressful.

  32. Mannie'82' said...

    @IronWood09' Mane your comment just felt like deja vu I just went threw the exactly same thing.The getting mad @ me for no apparent reason, or sometimes I wouldn't here from the trick for a whole day but my aunt gave me some sound advice.Take heed men & women When someone loves you they are never too busy to answer the phone, and also if your heart is always heavy because of this person time to let go of the relationship, yeah it might hurt for about 3 to 4 days but your overall health will thank you.

  33. Jersey Girl
    @ Mannie I agree, you shouldn't be with someone who literary makes you sick. I know so many people who go threw this heartache because they don't want to be along, but news flash your already along, A person has 1 or 2 times to hang up on me and your a$$ is out the door that's total disrespectful why don't cha just grow the hell up.

  34. LeLe
    Y'all on sum grown people conversation I'm enjoying reading all the comments a lot of y'all have sum very good points. Especially Jersey Girl I totally agree

  35. Ebinigga Scrooge 305
    Im already knowen..ima young head still too (barely 24)...i mean i kno it good sistas out here but I jus dunno WHERE ..tryen to b chill n tryen repair the damaged ones much as I can witout geten so caught in drama at same time.

  36. Wite Boi

    My homeboy needs to read sum of these comments I mean his girlfriend is an str8 up user,I can't stand her, every comment pertains to her. 1. She lost her Driver Licenses due to a d.u.i. 2. She drinks Like a fish 3. She's always asking him for money not $10.00 or $20.00 I mean she be asking for like $100.00 & up. 4.She only really calls him when she needs something other than that she is ghosts, and he never really hear from her on the weekends. I want to say something so bad but I really do feel that it could end our 7 year friendship, What Should I do.

  37. @ Wite Boi
    Sorry but there's not much you can do about it except be there to pick up pieces. Yes she does fit the description of the typical user. The only advice I can give you is If he's not a violent type of person try to lure him to the spot you think she going to be @ on the weekends so he can see with his own two eyes. Everybody knows your eyes don't lie.

  38. @Wite Boi

    Yeah anon 11:05 AM is right all he is going to do is get mad at you. and of course being the user and liar that his so called girlfriend is she's going to either A. Say that your just jealous of their relationship or B. She's going to say that you tried to talk to her and she turned you down.Either way it goes you come out of it being the bad guy.

  39. BiggBo$$Lady said...
    @ Wite Boi you are in a very sticky and tricky situation if I was you what I would do is just try to to tell him in a round about way. I'm mighty afraid that your friend is going to end up with rabbit ears pockets and a broken heart because women like those are cold and ruthless.

  40. HeadRush103

    Why n da hell do men keep trickin off that type of cash on a female I am sorry but if I was a woman I would use you too, come on son you can't be that dumb a woman is always going to try to see if you are a duck. What tha f**k you giving some one that type of cash for and half of the time you don't even know where this person is or with whom they are with, You're just a sucker to her giving her cash, for the next man to enjoy. Like BiggBo$$Lady said... Suckers sitting around here with their damn pockets looking like rabbit ears and she's off in da tha club looking for the next sucker to drain. Sorry if I can't sound sympathetic for some of you fools.

  41. @HeadRush103
    Dang homie who took all of your money.

  42. Lol @ pockets looking like rabbit ears

  43. Ms I've Been perfect since 1983 said...
    I feel that there are still some gd blk men left its just hard 2 meet one bc dating aint how it used 2 be. and whats u thought was a gd blk man turned out 2 be a fraud so how do u determin if he is a gd blk man or not. I tell u facebook changed up the game so much.

  44. MDub said....

    Women & Men Maybe your just looking in the wrong places like Facebook for one, Mane Facebook got the most dishonest people on there,Facebook is just for a good time not a meaningful relationship thing, that's why they call Facebook the devil's playground.

  45. Lori
    Neither my bf or I have Facebook, and I'm glad. I agree, I've seen couples get messed up because of Facebook and stuff and the fact that my boyfriend and I are long distance wouldn't make that easier. I personally think Facebook is kind of a waste of time, and people take things too literally / seriously because of it.

  46. MzSpanishFly1984

    Facebook can cause problems if you are with someone you can't trust.It can also help you catch them if they are being deceitful.My now ex boyfriend listed single as his status.He kept adding women to his list of friends. So one of my friends go on facebook and become his friend.Yep he told her he wasn't seening anyone and would like to meet her.Ok that did it. yes we are done! If a man or woman is dishonest and wants to cheat. Facebook is a great way to catch them.Since then I have deactivated my account and do not wish to go back on there.

  47. Cali N Da House
    Too many people don't not understanding that it is NOT OK to contact former lovers when you are in a relationship. There is NO REASON to "catch up" with an ex if you're supposed to be in love with your partner.

    NOTHING good can come of it. And the "we're just friends catching up" line is so played out.

  48. MzEbonyEyez
    I agree! Facebook causes break ups,and it def has an influence. Facebook was created for people to stay in touch and meet new people. Now it has become an online diary for people to air out all their dirty laundry,a pick-up joint, smdh