Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Le'Nalors Ride of The Day

Well I'm back with the Rides of The Day and most of all Rides that sit high !! This Ride is from the G.A and it's name is " CATHERINE " 1972 Impala .. It's been a minute but more Donks and Beauty of The Months and People on The Rise interviews will be up soon !!


  1. Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville

    Mane I missed the round table discussion on gold diggers, The stories I can tell you lol

  2. I will remain Anonymous said.....Guys be on the look out for the I just moved scam. I was Talking to this chick for a couple months when she told me she was moving in with her cousin, Okay so I didn't think much about it, so she ask me can I give her some money to help make rent, I was like how much she said $400.00 because the rent was $800.00 dollars, make a long story short I found out that she was on housing, her rent was $55.00 dollars a month. What took her so long to move into the apartment is because she was on a waiting list.

  3. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    What Up Duuuuuuval
    @I will remain Anonymous, Mane you should remain anonymous you felt for the oldest trick in the book, It's like this if two females is sharing a Apt/Condo if they have any kids involved 9 times out of 10 it is a section 8 one of them is on section 8 trust me

  4. Mz Glam
    Hey Duuuuuuval & Pork'n'Beans

    Men Please just listen to me for a minute a good woman is not going to ask you for money. Why can't y'all understand that. If you can't use that woman as a tax deduction you don't have know business what so ever giving her that type of cash. Men treat the woman that you're dating nice take care of your wife.

  5. Bootleg Baller said.......
    @ Mz Glam you are so right my grandmother always told me that a woman that askes a man for money so easily ain't bout s**t and bless her heart she was so right.

  6. HotRod1978
    Don't forget the old I'll ask my baby daddy for the money scam that's when she hints around for some money but then if you don't say anything she hints around that maybe she could get the money from her baby daddy see that's when as a man you suppose to say "why you asking that ni88a for money" But not me I be like yeah that ni88a can help out after all y'all do have a child together.

  7. Brooklynn1980sBabe

    @HotRod1978 lmao smh you know your not right "that ni88a can help out after all y'all do have a child together." lol

  8. Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville
    @HotRod1978 yeah mane they always tryin to act like their baby's daddy is a baller I am like you shoulda stay with that ni**a then. Shyt! I will buy a woman dinner take her to the movies and maybe sometimes I might see something that would look nice on her and buy it, but trickin off money on a woman like payin bills and car notes gtfoh not happening.

  9. Tatted Up Diva said....
    @HotRod1978 lol you are a fool for that one