Monday, March 26, 2012

The East Bracket is in and The Winner is " NAS "

Once again Thank You all very much for your votes on this Round for The Greatest Rapper Ever .. And The winner is ??!! Nas in another close race .. Nas wins by just 1 vote over LL Cool J and in a close 3Rd place Jay - Z ... Next is The Midwest , and We will see who will make it to the Finals for the Final Vote .. Tupac vs Lil Wayne vs Nas vs You decide !!!
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  1. Cali N Da House
    I heard Joe Oliver got his azz handed to him last night on MSNBC I am going to find the clip after Rickey Smiley goes off.

  2. Mz Glam
    @ Cali
    BTW: I watched Lawrence/Charles interview of Joe Oliver to and babbbyyyyyyyy……..

    They were SERVING him up something hot and SERIOUS!!!

    When Charles was asking him question, then cutting him off when he started talking so0me bullsh*t….chile!

    I PROMISE you if Charles wasn’t on tv, he’d have said: “Oh, shut the fukk up, Joe!” right about the time he started explaining that “coon/goon” mess.

    I had to hit the SLOOWWWWW :clap: for them two after watching that!

  3. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    Hey! Cali & Mz Glam
    Mane Toure had me rolling the other night, He rode out on George Zimmerman's punk a$$