Monday, April 2, 2012

The Le'Nalors Round Table Topic of The Week " Office Flirts "

Round Table Topic of this week fam and it's from a quick story I learned ... Now to fill you in ... A man has this wife that is pretty gorgeous , Therefore she gets hit on alot at her job ... the husband asked her to quite her job and she Did !!! Now The question for you all ?!! How would you handle this situation if you know your husband , wife , boyfriend , or girlfriend gets hit on alot at their job ... So give your Thoughts you know their always welcome !!!


  1. Sorry! Ugg Mo but you can't hide her from the world, So she quit her job,now what? She still has to go to the store, mall, etc. it's all about trust.

  2. SamYell JacksEm
    @Pimpette lol
    She's playing her husband like a cheap ass fiddle,Does he see all these quote on quote (with the two fingers by my head) dudes trying to get with her or is he simply going by what she tells him now he's stuck paying all of the bills just b'cuz he suffers from the deadly disease called (LSE)Low self-esteem

  3. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    @MissPimpette What Up! LOL @ Ugg Mo

    Sh*ttttt! I haven't seen a woman yet that was too pretty to work, go out there and make dem ends.

  4. Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville
    Imma use Pimpette word @ least that is Ugg Mo's wife if he feels like he can support her off of his salary good for him. My problem is with D'S ducks around here taking care of a woman that is not your wife, paying bills and s**t like that. My homeboy gets on my damn nerves with that s**t giving all his money to this hooodrat chick.

  5. MDub said....
    @Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville
    Yeah Mane my homeboy is like that ,Mane that hoodrat have his pockets looking like rabbit ears, Mane it's like clock work she be waiting on him on payday making sure she gets some of that check. SMDH

  6. MzEbonyEyez
    I don't know if Mr. Ugg Mo suffers from poor self esteem or just a bad case of paranoid schizophrenia you know all ugly people have it. Maybe in his head everybody is after his wife.

  7. @Mr. Ft liquordale
    I know your right I get hit on all the time at my job is my old lady going to tell me to quit my job, I think not.

  8. KnightRyder1988
    Hey Hot Woman, Id like to say I feel your pain, but that’s just BULL-SH*T!! In my humble opinion….very attractive women only go for the ugly guy because they dont want compete with a good looking guy. The last thing they want is other women looking at their man, complimenting him and telling her how attractive he is. Most good looking women have insecurity issues and they want all of the attention on “them” hence they go for the guy whose looks are less to be desired.

  9. Damien
    I love to date an average looking girl (who is really far above average in my book) who is friendly, and just watch the fake bimbos try to compete for my attention because they think they are more beautiful than the woman I am with (when in reality they are not…just more “made up”) Strip some of these so called good looking women down of their fake hair, fake nails, eyelashes,make-up, butt shots, breast implants I guarantee you have an average looking chick.

  10. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    Damn!! my sexiness as a man will keep me single forever!

  11. @Pork'n'Beans
    I'm afraid so Pork'n'Beans afraid so I guess your sexiness is more of a curse then a gift."SMH"

  12. MissDoubleTrouble....
    I date ugly guys that is insecure because they give me money, let me hold their cars, and go broke for me. I certainly will not get this from a so called nice looking man. A ugly man will give you his last, not a so called nice looking man you can't get 5$ dollars out of them.

  13. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    @Pimpette "lol" What's up you hating on my sexiness. "smile"

    @To all the men that visit this site the above comment from "MissDoubleTrouble" that's why you don't give hoodrats money and pay bills unless they are Wifey with your last name. I'm stingy to hoodrats like you Double Trouble but not my mom's or sisters they're the only women that can have my last. Until I wife up a female you gets none. Unless you work @ KOD of course lmfao

  14. MizzPrizzyAzz1986 said....
    Child Plz're probably giving it up for a 2 piece and a biscuit. Girl Bye!!!

  15. Cali N Da House
    @MizzPrizzyAzz1986 Damnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!! lol Wow you went in on her gold digging azz.

    Nah women will only date ugly men if they have loads of money or are famous.

  16. MissDoubleTrouble....
    @PrizzyAzz Don't get mad @ me if a man is stupid enough to fall for my hard luck story. Believe you me when I tell you I gets My cash,I got 5 different guys giving me money so gurl bye yourself "Chicken" cluck cluck

  17. Chocolate Drop said....

    @MissDoubleTrouble Oh! I believe you, That's what h*es do best.

  18. Mz Glam
    you dont want to be too dependent on your husband. what if the marriage doesnt work out and you dont have a job?
    eventually he can use his money to control you as he sees you are so dependent on him.
    if you have a job, keep it. even work part time. but I wouldnt quit SHIT cause you may never know what is going to happen to your marriage.

  19. Ms I've Been perfect since 1983 said...
    I would NOT under any condition quit my job.The same man that asks you to quit your job will turn around to resent you when the financial pressures start mounting on him.

  20. Tatted Up Diva said....
    Yep. . . . . I can do it, quit my job that is once he gives me my own business, in my name, that I can run from home and employ who the hell I like to,

  21. 25gotham
    Rumor has it that MissDoubleTrouble gives it up for a Coke & a smile or frown.