Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Poll ? There can only be ONE " THE MIDWEST " Bracket

I was just Thinking .. Who is really The Hottest Rapper all time ?? .. Now up in
round one is THE MIDWEST Bracket .. So give your Thoughts on who you voted for
and If I left off any artist you feel need to be in the Running feel us in ..
The winner will go into the finals .. So give your Opinions ...


  1. Cali N Da House
    Where is everyone!!!!Well I had 2 go 4 Kanye I don't really like as a person but, he does make great music.

  2. Str8 From Tha Pork'n'Beans Said...
    Cali Cali What's happenin mane. You ask where was everybody? I told ya all people do now is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I went for Eminem even through he looks a little crackish these dayz

  3. Chocolate Drop said....
    Sak pasé Sak pasé everrrrybody tgif

    I voted for Nelly b'cuz I'm still remembering his Country Grammar days.

    ***Hey Cali & Pork & Beans we still here lol

  4. Mz Glam
    wassuppppp Cali,Pork & Beans,Chocolate Drop
    I voted Common because I can't stand Kanye big jaws a**

  5. @ Mz Glam 'lol' @ Kanye big jaws a**, yes he does has massive chipmunk cheeks like he dips snuff and chews tobacco. So voted Common.

    Hello! Everybody

  6. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said....
    What it do? Cali,Pork & Beans,Chocolate Drop,Mz Glam,Pimpette I haven't heard from ya'll in a while.

    I voted 4 Tongue Twister LMAO remember when that used to be Twister's name.

  7. Ebinigga Scrooge 305
    Hachew... Scuse me.. (wipes nose on shirtsleeve)Sorry but the Mid-West bracket is Zzzzzzzzz, I know Le'nalors News and Events did not want to discriminate against the Mid-West but damn their bracket is borning, I voted common. The South and East bracket was fiyah.

  8. 25gotham
    Eminem without a doubt no contest.

  9. Ms I've Been perfect since 1983 said...
    I voted for Common since I just seen the movie with him and Queen Latifah last night.

  10. Hey Le'Nalors bloggers (The Fam)I got to remain anonymous for this one I'm in a bind and what should I do. Okay I just found out that my homeboy's old lady is cheating on him. I mean he's head over heels for this chicken there's nothing in the world he wouldn't do for her. I already seen the signs that she was cheating like when he calls her she's always to tired to talk on the phone or my favorite one is everyday one of her cousins has a situation and needs her help. but anyways this dude @ my job just showed me a couple pics of him and my homeboy's girl and I ask him was that him and he said yes that they have been 2 gether 4 about 3 months. Okay do I tell him or not.

  11. Tatted Up Diva said....
    @Anon 10:27^^^^^Hell Yeah you should to him, make damn sure you have concrete proof, My roommate is like that she has 3 different dudes she talks to and all of them gives her money then when they want to take her out she waits for the last minute to cancel the date then she be laughing her a** off about it.

  12. Mr.Narcissistic

    @Anonymous 10:27 AM To be honest with you, I don't think it's much you can do for your homeboy, because he sounds like he's just a sucker for love.Given a chick money that don't even want to be bother with him, Yeah! That is a sucker for love move right there. Sorry!

  13. @Anon 10:27
    Ur homeboy is a sucka 4 love, a sucka 4 love everyone sing it with me, he's a sucka 4 love, he's a sucka 4 love.but yeah U should tell em.

  14. SamYell JacksEm
    @10:27 April 20
    If I was you I would tell him & the other dude what's going on, Trust me women like that have about 5 different men dudes with different duties. One gives them money, one gives them rides, one pays the bills, one supplies the liquor, and the one she has sex with, now which one is your homeboy?

  15. ChrisJ1984
    @Anonymous 1:44 PM "LMFAO" Hey you betta copyright that jingle because I can hear Lil' Wayne singing it now.

    @Anon 10:27 Don't tell him show him because trust me if you tell him she's going to lie her way out of it & then he's going to be mad @ you, because he's a sucka 4 luv sorry! I just had 2 say it once.

  16. A real woman said......
    @ Anon 10:27 Stop snitchin Damn! let that woman do her, you need a f**kin life and stay outta your homeboys business. I tell you tha truth men do more snitchin now then the average b*tch! Maybe she has a child she's trying to take care of and this is her hustle.

  17. @ A real woman
    ***shrugs shoulders*** I don't know she sounds a lot like a h*e (I'm just saying)

  18. @ A real woman and I am using the term very loosely.
    Ignorance at it's best, That is what section 8, food stamps and medicaid is for, With that type of mentality as a woman that is why your going to stay losing. "Womp Womp" Don't respond back to me because if you do that only means "You Can't Handle The Truth"

  19. Duuuuuuval 904 Jax ville
    That's our Pimpette giving it to ya str8 with no chaser.