Monday, October 29, 2012

The Le'Nalors " NBA PREVIEW 2012 SEASON "

Time  for some NBA Basketball! Last year I called it on the money with my predictions , and now lets see if I can call it again. The Celtics run is over ... still hard to beat ,but their time has past . The Knicks ,well they have so much age on that team now ... that I think they just signed Dr. J to a 10 day contract lol .. And we have the Lakers ! Wow they got really better ,but can they stay healthy and what about the Thunder?? So many questions and so little time ... Now lets get to my prediction Fam .. Heat over Pacers in The East and in The West Memphis over The Lakers !! So in The NBA Finals The Miami Heat will take down the Memphis Grizzlies in 6 games to repeat as NBA Champions .. Now whats your opinion ?!


  1. SamYell JacksEm
    Miami Heat make it do what it do babe "Repeat" 2013

  2. Ebinigga Scrooge 305

    Get y'all monkey a$$es out there tomorrow & vote leave facebook alone for about an hour & vote.