Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Le'nalors Event Update - Jill Scott November 2

Jill Scott November 2 Show Start Time: 8:00PM
Doors Open Time: 7:00PM
Ticket Price: $49 / $59 / $74 / $89

Grammy-winning American poet actress and singer-songwriter Jill Scott comes to Hard Rock Live on November 2nd Hollywood FL.


  1. Mz Glam
    Where is everybody "happy Friday"

  2. Cali N Da House
    What's Ups Mz Glamz

  3. Mr.Narcissistic
    After last nite Romney has a little better education on Foreign Policy, In other words, Obama schooled his a##.

  4. A True Conservative said....
    Romney will win in a landslide. NOV 7 will be a glorious day of celebration of the END OF AN ERROR.

  5. Mr. Ft. Liquordale said...

    President Obama, on the bright side, at least you made history. This will be his one and only term. Remember that year Bush won, but not really? That will happen again before Obama “wins” again.

  6. Howard289

    Obama behaved like a novice running for city council. Romney behaved & looked presidential, Obama was obviously rattle by the topics , and confused with a number of facts. Obama kept on attempting Romney to "get into it", Romney ignored him, and that made Obama more frustrated. The bottom line after Obama explained all he had done in foreign policy, the net effect is that we are worst of now in that arena now than we were 4 years ago, just like in domestic issues, specially the economy.
    Obama is toast, and he knows it, and you all know it. Goodbye Obama Thanks for nothing

  7. Tatted Up Diva said....
    To summed it up Romney’s stance is very well “I will do the exact same thing as Obama. Except I’m white….”

    @ Ft. Liquordale keep the faith President Obama is not going anywhere, he will remain the President of the United States of America for another 4 years. Mitt is a LIAR & he does not care about us, all Mitt wants is the title ..which he will not get.

  8. 2012 Truth Seeker

    What has Obama done to deserve re-election? Nothing! We have to vote him out! I like Obama as a person, as a father, as a husband but as a President No! What is Obama's plan? What he has done so far isn't working. Obama's plan plan. No Hope, No Change.... People take off the rose colored glasses for just a moment and tell me what do actually see. Thank You Le'Nalors News for letting me state my opinion without harsh backlash.

  9. As an black man I'm very undecided about who 2 vote 4 Nov 7 sure its easy 4 welfare mothers 2 say Obama but for those of us who has families 2 feed bills 2 pay, Imma tell U str8 up Mitt Romney don't have to like me, I don't give a f*ck about him either but I'm voting on the person who is going to put money in my pockets, for those of you who get section 8, Medicaid, food stamps sure it's easy 4 you to follow a cool trend, yes! Obama is one cool MF, SWAG like no other President in our lifetime,but that's not helping my family.

    1. Riyah 27
      @ 3:04 I respect your opinion but,I dont see how romney would be able to fix this country Obama is making progress why put someone else in office? Its not gonna make things better any quicker.Unless Romney is a magician and can pull jobs out his ass.

  10. I meant as a black man

  11. 25 Gotham
    Both candidates are fucking liars and neither one could give two shits about any of us, black, white or other. They are both corporate pawns and it doesn't matter who's elected, same shit just different way of bullshitting us all!!

  12. Cali N Da House
    I know everyone has a right to his or her opinion but to actual consider Romney as President is scary as f*ck. Time to move forward people.

  13. TracieL said.....
    Romney is the devil good luck 2 all the stupid Romney voters.